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Journeyman III

6600 xt driver/boot situation

don't seem to see anyone w my problems:

Win10 desktop:

used that DDU? uninstaller thing in safe mode to get rid of old driver. ran the amd driver install. When I boot, I just get a black screen and computer completely useless. BUT, if I hold power button to turn off - (there is no other way to turn it off, since you just have black screen, no input, etc. can' use task manager or keyboard shortcuts) and then turn it on again, the computer boots normally.

But I have to do this every time I boot. The first boot from cold start always fails. Hold power button to turn off the computer wi blackscreen. then Hit power button again to turn it on again and the second boot always succeeds. Drives me crazy having to boot twice every time.

Another Problem: once booted I can't use the option to put the computer to sleep. If I put the computer to sleep, then when I wake up the desktop, I always get amd message that windows could not load the drivers. If I go to to device manager, it says the card is not working properly, etc.

But if I do the double boot, and I check device manager, it says the card is working properly.

I don't get how one boot can fail, but two successive boots always works. And once it is up and running, the drivers are loaded properly. So how the heck is it that just going to sleep makes the windows system settings record be suddenly incorrect as far as the graphics driver goes????

thnx for any assistance

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