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Journeyman III

5800x and 6800xt crash on certain games

I just recently completed a pc build.  The pc turns on and runs fine until i start to play games.  The only game that plays stable and hasn't crashed is Escape from Tarkov.  Every other game i have played has crashed. Game examples being, The Medium, Green Hell, and once in a while Cyberpunk.  Most of the time the games will freeze after playing for a few minutes and then the pc will reboot.  Other times the pc will just reboot mid game without freezing.  I have tried playing with XMP profile on and off but the pc still crashes while gaming.  Temperatures for the GPU while under load dont go past 75 degrees celsius and the CPU havent gone past 70 degrees celsius.  I haven't overclocked the gpu or cpu in either the bios or through any amd software.  I have tried bios 3.8, 3.91, and  4.0 and nothing has changed in terms of crashing. I also have the latest drivers being 21.2.1 installed.  I'm at a loss of what the issue could be.  If any one has suggestions it would be greatly appreciated.


MB: Asrock Taichi X570

GPU: Asus TUF 6800xt

CPU: Ryzen 5800x

Cooler: NZXT Kraken X63

RAM: G Skill Trident z Royal 32 gb DDR4 3200 CL 16



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Adept I

Since it's a new build it's difficult to say which component is the reason of the problem. The First thing I suggest you is to test a single stick of ram at a time with memtest to verify a possible faulty ram stick. Ram is often the reason of unpredictable crashes and reboots. Important thing, test it with no xmp profile, I was never able to have a stable build with xmp activated unless I set a lower frequency so avoid testing ram with that function activated. Your psu should be ok unless it's defective. I don't think gpu itself is the problem btw, leave it as last option to check and eventually send it to RMA.

I know this kind of problems very well and I know it's frustrating and checking everything takes a lot of time but that's the way to proceed.


For CPU (and basic memory), run LinX in two modes: 1) Memory (MiB) - at least 50% of your total RAM, even better - 24Gb+, run 5+ time(s) or for at least 30 minutes; 2) Memory (MiB) - 2048 (or 3072, your choice) for at least 30 run(s) or, well, 30 minutes. Also, CineBench and Prime95 "Small FFT" (very recommended for thermals).

For GPU: Unigine Heaven (loop for 30+ min), Unigine Valley (same), obvious FurMark or MSI Kombustor. 

For RAM: TestMem 5 with "extreme" preset by anta777 (at least one full cycle or 3 hours, more - better; must have ZERO errors); Prime95 "Large FFT" (make sure "Run FFTs in-place" is UNchecked) for at least an hour. 

If all these fail to detect an issue, the problem might be total power consumption spikes (very unlikely, but whatever). Also, I guess you already tried reinstalling chipset drivers and audio drivers, but still have to mention that. 

Finally, try finding a whatever GPU, even if gt1030 or alike, to just replace yours and see what happens.