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Journeyman III

5700 - black screen issue -gaming or playing video

Hi all,

I'm experiencing the well-know issue of sudden black screen( of death) during various task on my machine:


1st monitor HP 27' 144hz Freesync2 1440p 

2st monitor Acer 60hz 1080p


Radeon 5700 DD Ultra XFX


16GB Corsair DDR3.

I had numerous issues with different drivers and the most stable for me was 19.xx edition (resolved most issues in games) however what it did not resolve is Video Playback black screen. If for example, I will try to use GPU encoding (which by default is on) whenever playing a higher bitrate video in a full screen a black screen will appear(I may be lucky to restart the GPU with the shortcut combination but usually leads to a full system halt with black screen). Disabling DXVA hardware decoding resolves the issue but impacts my CPU heavily. In Event log I see bunch off amdkmdap  errors before my system freeze.

I tried to do it on stock and overclock systems, I didn't have that issue on my previous Nvidia card -  I use properly DDU every time I do a change of the drivers. Temps are within normal ranges.

I don't have any AMD option enabled beside Freesync(would rather not to turn it off, since that was the reason I moved to AMD in the first place). It's becoming very frustrating and I'm very close to sending this card back to the vendor as it doesn't work as it should.

Is the are any recommendation to resolve hardware acceleration? I use the latest version of MPC-BE with K-lite Codec Pack.

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