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240HZ Monitor and stuttering on Apex Legends with 5700 XT

Im experiencing stuttering on Apex Legends with my 5700XT using laters driver (tried old ones and its worse)

I'm not bottlenecking in any way.

Done a clean windows 10 install all drivers installed and experiencing this on Alienware aw2518hf 240hz Freesync Monitor

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Please can you provide some clear instructions to follow using either Chill or the in-game FPS limiter to reproduce the issue as i am a bit confused reading your posts. We will follow whatever you advise reproduces the issue on your system. 

For example:

Set ingame FPS limiter to 240 experience lag

Set ingame FPS limiter to 150 experience no lag

Please provide two examples like i have done above, on the steps we need to follow using either Chill, the ingame FPS limiter, or no FPS/Chill limit. 

Okay let me try to explain my English isnt so good I will do my best.

When playing games WITHOUT capping the framerate at all I experience what I call microstuttering = not smooth

When playing games WITH capping the framerate at 237 I experience the same microstuttering = not smooth

When playing games and CAP fps to a value that I will hold like 95% for example 120fps cap on Apex Legends the game will run smoothly without microstuttering.

Playing at 120fps on 240hz monitor is really a bad experience.

I thought I would be able to run my game smoothly at all times if my fps stays withing my monitor's freesync range.

Now last but not least some people running 144hz some others running 165hz, there isnt many people running 240hz that have this card I'm totally sure that theres something wrong with high refresh rate monitors that supports freesync like mine Alienware AW2518HF 240hz Freesync Monitor.

And what did the manufacturer Alienware have to say about the problem?



Do you see this behaviour on other games, if so which ones? Or is it limited to Apex?


pubg and apex all I play experiencing on both I hope we find and solve the issue


Is it possible to talk to you in discord?


You can find me in there pretty much all day, 

My name in Discord is Angellicious


Why is the thread assumed answered?

I have not clicked on anything my GPU usage ingame is around 45-65% why it isnt maxing out to 99% and just give me the most fps that it can? im not bottlenecking 


Hello, I was connected to you with TeamViewer before. Have you tried turning off FreeSync with the monitor menu? In addition, OBS Display Capture can cause lags for all GPUs sometimes. Try to use this feature as little as possible. 


Apex is a poorly optimised game. You won’t see nowhere near 100% gpu usage. Even with 2070 super (which is around the same level as 5700 XT) you can see some heavy gpu usage drops mainly inside buildings. In this video you can see values from 60% to 90% all over the place. However in general the usage is much higher, I agree.

Apex Legends Season 4 Low Settings 1080p | RTX 2070 Super + Ryzen 7 3700X - YouTube 

Please do not forget that Apex is doing better with Nvidia GPUs.

What 20.2.2. solved for me is the fluctuation in core clock. Core clock is between 1900-2050 for me since the last patch.

I would be curious is it possible for the AMD team to affect how well Apex can use the GPU? Can they boost their efficiency? amdmatt, what’s your take on that?

hey im using game capture to stream and I also use a streaming pc that does that, Ive tried without streaming ofc and microstutter is still there


Did you turn off FreeSync with the monitor menu (not the control panel)?


theres no freesync option to turn on or off on monitor's OSD I have Alienware aw2518hf check it


I checked the user manual file for your monitor and couldn't find FreeSync shutdown menu. Could you try these ways?
Fistly, Unclick "Include if slot available" menu with CRU like that...
Secondly, If there is "FreeSync range" value with CRU, delete it like that...
And reboot your system. After the system starts, check the changes with CRU and try the problem.
If the source of the problem you are having is FreeSync driver, these ways will solve the problem. If these ways do not solve the problem, there is a different problem. If these ways solve your problem, send a notification to AMD and ask for a fix about FreeSync with that...


just did it and i disabled freesync hz wasnt moving when i was playing it stayed at 240hz, the issue still exists without freesync as well


Radeon Software should see your monitor without FreeSync feature. You can do this in the ways I mentioned or from the monitor menu. And it is very difficult to say what the problem is without trying it.

I did i said in the commend above i disabled freesync the way you told me and the issue with micro stuttering exists so its not freesync its something else and its causing freesync to not work as it should 

The problem you are experiencing may be the processor. Every GPU experiences micro-level stuttering when the CPU usage is nearly at full. Does this exist only in Apex game? What is processor usage in Apex game? Have you tried to increase the quality of the graphics because the processor usage will increase when you make the graphics low? Can you show the problem by recording from the outside with a good mobile phone to show the difference?


I will take out my GPU and test it on my streaming PC that has a ryzen 7 2700X ill test and let you know


I can understand you due to the problems. I think the AMD GPU is not the right choice for you. Architectures that can achieve higher image quality with low performance losses with lower h264 sizes from your AMD Ryzen stream system are available with other GPUs. So without even needing a second stream system.

Unfortunately, your problem with the video record you shared earlier is not understood. If you really want this problem to be solved by AMD engineers, I suggest you to record your problem with a good video camera from the outside. You should create two video recordings. If you show us the difference of 120 hertz and 240 hertz, I think AMD will solve this problem.


Maybe disabling ULPS would help. 


did it same results, it didnt help im still microstuttering on 240hz monitor even in test ufo test im stuttering... 

Can you go to test ufo and test your refresh rate? then start moving mouse left to right and tell me if it says if you stuttering or no because i am


just tested on my other pc that has ryzen 7 2700x 16gb ddr4 and i put the card in tested same thing happens there as well so it has to be the drivers guys..


Also can you please watch this and tell me if this happening to you??

2020-03-07 19-53-47 - Streamable 

Even for 144hz it's happening for me.


this shouldnt be happening... this is the cause of my microstuttering then..


Another thing Ive noticed when I lock my fps ingame, core clock drops to lower values...

it should keep a steady core clock ................ is this why im microstuttering??


No this is normal, your CPU does the same thing, drops clocks when it has less work to do.

its normal to drop coreclock when u lock fps and not GPU usage instead?


Most of the time when GPU usage is low, GPU does not bring itself to turbo frequencies. In other words, when using FPS limit, GPU load will decrease and GPU core clock speeds will not increase to turbo frequencies in some cases. Also for the UFO test you mentioned, I sometimes have the frame drop problem with 120 hertz, and I am not currently using AMD.

In addition, OBS Display Capture causes excessive stuttering problems for all GPUs. For this reason, only Game Capture feature should be used with OBS. In other words, when the OBS Display Capture feature is added, even if this feature is not used, it is very normal to have a stuttering problem, just like the GPU clock speeds decrease with limiting FPS. These issues do not indicate a problem with the GPU driver.

The topic says there is a problem with 240 hertz. So as far as I understand, you don't have micro stuttering problems with 120 hertz. Unless you show us this difference with a good camera from the outside, like everyone else who posts on this forum page, I will not know exactly what your problem is.


my problem still exists its has to be something wrong with the driver of my 5700XT and my alienware aw2518hf freesync monitor.

amdmatt‌ I cannot provide a video to show you what I mean but I'm sure if you report this is happening, if they test it using my setup they will understand 100% whats wrong so please report it


I am wondering if the video cards can render fast enough to handle 240 frames per second. That is 4 times the standard 60 frames.


rofl the card was made for 2k gaming 144hz on ultra what holds it back from achieving 240hz at low on 1080p

Adept I

Nah, it's not that, is drivers my friend. I have the same RX 5700 XT and 3900X, with 20.1.3 The Division 2 and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare was fine, right now stuttering sometimes on the same 240Hz Alienware AW2518HF with 20.2.2 with same games.

@amdmatt if you need any help, evidence, screen recording, logs, I can make them with CoD and The Division 2, just tell me where to send them. You wrote long time ago that you have problems with FreeSync and 240Hz in your known issues in your drivers notes, but that just disappeared. Yeah, 20.1.3 fixed some issues, but 20.2.2 brought that back.


I hope they solve it soon. I'm suprised they do not know about this already. I basicly have an unusable graphics card right? I mean what else it can be when you cannot play any games with it because of stutter

I try to play some Apex Legends and Pubg sometime since I bought my card (February 3rd) and most of the time I would just be watching movies or chat on facebook and stuff I feel so sad but at the same time If this information is passed to the team in charge they might fix it.

I received some more feedback from engineering while testing your issue.

They tested using the same FPS values as you did in Chill, 237 MIN and MAX, but there was no stuttering. However, they were not able to achieve 240FPS easily with Low video quality settings unless the in game resolution was lowered to 1280x720. 

I looked at some performance online from this game at 1080P Low and see that although there are a few peaks up to 240ish+ FPS, most times the FPS are considerably lower than that and in the 120-150 range.

Example RX 5700 XT | Apex Legends - Season 4 - 1080p / 1440p - Low & Ultra settings - YouTube 

they didnt experience any microstuttering???

im speechless...... whats wrong then?


No, the experience was free from stutter in our testing. Our next suggestion would be to try and repair the game.

If you can send me via PM a DXDIAG and a Belarc report from your system, i may be able to offer some additional troubleshooting suggestions that you can try. 


SO basicly what you are saying theres nothing wrong and this is how my card is suppose to play correct?


I have used AMD and FreeSync for a very long time. And I had a similar problem before. I think OP's problem is that... FreeSync does not work properly in some games with 240 hertz monitors at certain FPS ranges. So the problem is not stuttering. OBS sharing shows us that this is probably micro-stuttering. If the monitor can show the changing vertical frequency while FreeSync is running, MSI AfterBurner statistics and monitor vertical frequency (are they the same) should be checked for each FPS ranges. FPS ranges should be checked individually, with 240-210 hertz, 210-180 hertz, 180-150 hertz, so with 30 FPS intervals. (for problematic games!!)

In other words, the absence of stuttering for the game does not show us that there is no problem. But since he does not record the problem with an external video camera, there is no need to focus on this problem.