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Journeyman III

24.6.1 artifacting in Rust

Hey folks, I play alot of rust.

Since the download of 24.6.1, I've noticed that in certain buildings/monuments with light shining through, the game will ARTIFACT TERRIBLY. turns out i wasn't alone, others are posting in here about this.

I didn't see other people struggling at first and filled out an RMA assuming the worst. 

7900xtx, 7800x3d ddr5-6000. 


*SURELY ENOUGH, running DDU and going back to 24.5.1 has completely alleviated this issue!!* am I never going to receive support or new drivers again as a rust main player, due to this? I'd return my gpu and spend my 1200 elsewhere if that's truly the case. 


So can we please fix this before it gets swept under the rug and rust players are forced out of updates indefinitely, 

And could we please do something about this, as its clearly causing artifacting that can lead to false warranty claims or complications due to the driver. 

I personally reached out for RMA after seeing how bad it artifacted, until i realized other ppl here had the same issue because of the driver. 


I don't know how this game got messed when it was ignored for years (at least according to driver footnotes)


I've always been the first person to say "amd drivers aren't as bad as everyone says"

I guess I'm eating my words spending 1200$ on a gpu and watching the only game I  play get screwed to a point I may never be able to update my drivers again from here. 

Filled out bug reports multiple times and there's multiple community posts about it now. 


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Journeyman III

Have the same issue dude. 

Somehow i got the issue after upgrading to 7900x3d running with Rx6950XT. But I got the artifacts gone by removing adrenalin and Just download the gpu driver thru armoury crate. 

Also Main Rust, so its kinda annoying.