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Journeyman III

23.3.1 Raytracing issues

have an all AMD build listed at the bottom.  I have been running into what I think is AMD related driver problems that I can't seem to figure out.  Starts with a solid performance of driver 22.11.2 on my Red Devil 6900xt Ultimate, 5900x build.  I upgraded to driver 23.2.2 and then 23.3.1 and have had very strange problems in a few games when using raytracing.  I understand raytracing is not something AMD is PRO at but it was not a problem prior to the driver updates and seems to be impacting GPU power usage. (Side note 23.2.2 broke the AMD Software stress test, starts off ok and then gpu usage drops to ~10% then completes successfully at 10% usage, was fixed in 23.3.1)


(I have installed all new drivers from chipset to BIOS, all up to date.  I have also attempted to close other programs from AV to Samsung Magician)


Control Ultimate on Steam

With 23.2.2 or 23.3.1 when any raytracing is used after a few minutes the game starts shuddering and moving in, "slow motion", FPS drops and more interestingly GPU power usage goes from 300W to 180-280W (image provided), normal power use on the Red Devil is 300-304W.  GUP temp is normal and hot spot temperature is ~90.  As soon as I turn off raytracing back to 300W and we are back to normal.  If I return to 22.11.2 I can run the game with RSR, everything on max with medium raytracing and have no issues, game looks and plays great!


Chernobylite Bench Mark.

With 23.2.2 or 23.3.1 I experience the same issue with raytracing on.  The bench mark will run perfectly for a few minutes and then shudder GPU power usage drop and FPS drop.  It will get out of the dive for a few minutes and then back into the same issue experienced in Control.  I turn off Raytracing and no issues.


I have run 15-20 different 3D Mark Port Royal stress tests ALL passes with the lowest at 98.7 (97 to pass) will all 3 drivers and no issues.  I have run other bench marks and stress tests and I can't seem to find any issues. (OCCT GPU, FurMark, Kombustor, Cyberpunk Bench Mark ect.).  Just in a few games and only with the new drivers and raytracing do I have the GPU FPS and power drop issue.


I have looked online and figured if it was a common driver problem I would find something or others with like issues on 6900xt and FPS drops with combined power usage drops.  Have found almost nothing!  I can't seem to think it's a hardware issue as if it was I should have the same problem under AMD driver 22.11.2 and power issues with raytracing off?  I would think if it was the PSU or GPU one of the stress tests would have failed or caused a crash, in heavy tests like OCCT and FurMark, I know these put on the pressure.  I have tried to update everything, clean out drivers with the AMD tool and DDU in safe mode.  I have updated BIOS and all other drivers.  I have moved the games for m.2 SSD to SATA SSD and back.  I have uninstalled and installed.  The only thing I have not done is a complete wipe of windows.  Can't think that would fix it due to 22.11.2 working.  I thought it could be Razer software could be impacting something and uninstalled all of it, and noting.


I have 10 months on my PowerColor warranty.  I spent WAY TOO MUCH ($1400 USD) on the card due to the time and am hoping for it to hold out to the next AMD (8900xt?), I can't but I can't understand how it could be the GPU.  Same as the PSU, it's a 1000W Gold and only about 7 months old.  I am at a loss, new to the community any help is appreciated.  Is it just dirty drivers?  I am OCD, making me nuts LOL 






PowerColor 6900xt Red Devil Ultimate (Under Volt but also happens at stock settings.)

AMD 5900x PBO Activated 

32GB Gskill- DDR4 3600 

msi x570 tomahawk 

Corsair RMX Series RM1000x 80 PLUS GOLD

Windows 11 

AIM BIOS: 7C84v1C1 (Was also an issue prior to the BIOS update.)



IMAGE is from Control Ultimate All settings on max, medium raytracing, 1440p with RSR to 4k.  I have turned RSR on and off thinking that could be an issue, not the issue.





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Journeyman III


I've exactly the same problem as you described in Control Ultimate game. With 22.11.x drivers the game runs smoothly with raytracing on. With 23.x drivers, I got a little bit higher FPS, but it's unplayable with raytracing because of symptoms you described.

Sapphire Radeon RX6800

AMD Ryzen 5 5600X

Asus TUF gaming B 550 Plus

Kingston Fury Beast Black 16GB (2x8) DDR4 3600 CL17

Journeyman III

Unfortunately, I’ve had very similar problem as you in Control and only solution was to go back to previous driver (exactly as yours – 22.11.2).  Game was running smoothly until I’ve started to use force to throw around objects – gpu usage skyrocketed to 99 % and fps drop down to something about 10. I was trying to be more cautious with game’s surrounding, but even during normal gameplay fps could drop massively. Problem was present only when ray tracing was ON. I was using driver 23.4.1, so they still didn’t fix the issue.

ASUS Radeon RX 6800 XT

AMD Ryzen 5 5800X3D


Journeyman III

I'm having the same problem with my RX 6800 XT, using 23.7.2. Will reply if I notice any changes in 23.8.1.

Journeyman III

Bump. No changes in 23.8.1.

Journeyman III

23.9.3 still happening


Adept I

I'm having this problem with my xfx rx 6950 xt on 23.10.2. 

Journeyman III

Having the same issue with Control w/ ray tracing. The game runs just fine until, seemingly at random, the the frame rate drops to single digits. You may be looking at a complex scene with multiple objects and light sources, getting well above 60 fps, then you turn the camera to an unpopulated corner or an empty wall and the fps drops down to 3 or even lower.

X670E Pro RS (BIOS v2.00 - AGESA ComboAM5
Ryzen 7700x, no manual OC just PBO
2x32gb ram @6200mhz
XFX 6800XT merc 319
Win 11
AMD Chipset Driver
Adrenalin Software 23.11.1