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2200G (Vega 8) + Adrenalin 19.10.1 = HDMI not working

I use an older budget TV (MEDION LIFE P14035, MD 20295) as a monitor which has HDMI and VGA. I had to uninstall AMD Radeon drivers (Adrenalin) because they nearly bricked my damn computer by identifying my HDMI-connected TV as connected via DVI, forcing 640x480@60 and greying out the resolution options.

Once I managed to uninstall them it works fine again, as it did before installing.

UPDATE: I then updated my MBB BIOS (Asus PRIME A320M-K to Version 5220) and Chipset (see Software) and now (after installing Adrenalin again) I can't even use the HDMI-port, only VGA (which is detected as a "DDC Display, DISPLAYPORT"). Visually, it works fine but I can't utilize the TV's speakers via HDMI because of this...

UPDATE 2: I tested another newer monitor via HDMI and it works fine. The thing is that my TV does work when I haven't got any Radeon-drivers installed...

My specs:

AMD Ryzen 3 2200G
Windows 10 Home, 64-bit, v1903, 18362.239

AMD Chipset updates, Version (2019/08/02): AMD Ryzen Power Plan Version, AMD SMBus Driver Version:, AMD GPIO Driver Version, AMD GPIO Driver (for Promontory) Version and AMD PSP Driver Version

RADEON Driver pack-version:
Vega 8 BIOS-article number: 113-RAVEN-113
Vega 8 BIOS-date: 2018/11/05 06:01

COULD IT BE THAT I SHOULD UPDATE THE Vega 8 BIOS? Can you even do that???

Best regards,

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