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Adept III

22.8.2 completely broken

The setup is broken.
It run first time then it breaks and you cannot run from "C:\AMD\..."

Windows reboot and the driver won't load, all the Windows UI breaks.

In this state it's better to remove the download link.

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Adept I

I updated just fine, maybe your download was corrupt ?


Same as @TrpZ 

Updated fine, check your installer. I run 6750 XT
Or maybe you have some borderline unsupported GPU, as you hadn't wrote one in message above. 

UPD: And it actually seems to work much better with my often ALT+Tabbing, now there is no frame freezing for second after alt-tabbing sometimes


While I agree it's in a dismal state, it does install for most.

You're likely going to need to DDU to clean up then reinstall with a fresh download

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Journeyman III

I had no issues at all while installing.

Journeyman III

passed the system check, ran the installer and it crashed with blue screen of death, rebooted automatically and crashed again error read "cannot find boot device" repeated this 3 times before windows went into automatic repair mode and had to do system restore before it finally booted up properly.

I guess that my system does not like updating the StoreMI as this is not the first time I have tried to install it (previous versions have caused the same issue).

Volunteer Moderator

I had issues with my install and running DDU then restarting and then AMD Cleanup Utility then restarting then reinstalling fixed it. 

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Adept II

No issues at all so far, only some game profiles acting wierd but u can always reset them.

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Full install (factory reset option) , no issues for me.



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Adept II

This version of the display drivers seemed pretty routine for me. They actually fixed a few issues for me. I used the factory reset option since I did not have very many custom user settings that weren't already saved to file and I did not have an issue restoring any settings saved to file.


Beyond the display drivers, I can't speak to anything else. The only thing I had BSOD issues with recently is StoreMI and I need to get brave to test those. It's too much work to roll back and fix the issues the rollback causes to satisfy curiosity at this moment. YMMV.

Adept III

The only way i can install this version was by using the cleanup tool.

Upgrade breaks all the OS. Uninstall and then installing the updated version break the OS too.


Maybe post your actual system specs? Because there's definitely not enough information there to even start to guess what's going on.

 There is the possibility that user has never run sfc, and/or dism after Win. update.

Many posts on well known 10/11 forums of it being used to find/fix issues after updates.

I do it after every monthly update (optional updates are blocked) and sometimes repairs are done.


Ryzen 5 5600x, B550 aorus pro ac, Hyper 212 black, 2 x 16gb F4-3600c16dgtzn kit, Aorus gen4 1tb, Nitro+RX6900XT, RM850, Win.10 Pro..

wow so thats what this error was this morning i dont even have it installed 22.8.2 are the most unstable drivers so far especially with flip mode enabled without it black screens and the drivers think it did not crash even tho it did crash.


Re: saddenly, after the second system restart prime video, Netflix app and edge stutters. There is something wrong with hardware acceleration or similar. Others are experiencing the same. Also, halo masterchief collection on windows 11 (windows store) has the same issue when opening xbox bar and/or when achievements are displayed, causing massive stuttering until they’re gone.

Yes! Disable hardware acceleration in anything that uses it. It's not a fix but it's a workaround.


Cant disable it in whatsapp only workaround is to not use 22.7.1 22.8.1 and 22.8.2


You can use the web version of whatsapp and disable hardware acceleration within the browser.


You cannot do video calls in web vision