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22.5.2 and newer has Bugs in Vrchat through Video Player

When will AMD fixed the Bug with the Video Player in Vrchat ? When i use the driver 22.5.1 i have no problems, but when i use a driver thats newer than the 22.5.1 Vrchat crashed randomly when movies playback in this game. The Game is crashing to desktop without error reporting.

I have tried in the last day the 22.11.1 whql driver and the bug is existing anymore.

My specs is like highend for this game and not the problem, its only the driver.

5950x-120-90-120, RX6900XT Tuf, 96GB DDR4 3600"2x32gb + 2x16gb", ROG CH8H-wifi 4201 "Agesa", Dark Power Pro P12 1200W, 2x WD Black SN850 1TB

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I think AMD has fixed the bug with the 22.11.2 Driver.

Fixed Issue:

An intermittent driver timeout or black screen may occur while videos are playing in VRChat™ on Radeon™ RX 6000 series GPUs

but i dont have atm time to test this, i play mostly WoW DF

They fixed the "crashes" but the video playback is unacceptable, it's filled with artifacting, stuttering and even occasional crashes.

Reply again after many hours test, The Bug is gone i think, but the Driver becomes a -timeout when i close Steamvr after play 5 6 7hours vrchat, this is a new bug, and another bug is, many videos in a vrchat video player looks laggy with stuttering playback, not all but mostly. I think i switch back to 22.5.1 and dont buy the 7900xtx, this card needs the new driver and all new drivers are big crap. 

Holy AMD, pls upgrade the driver dev team and makes a good driver, your hardware is godllike but the software is a big pain for this cards-.-

Adept I

Yeah, this needs to be fixed. Still getting occasional crashes but the unbearable near constant stuttering in video players is the worst. I'm severely pissed.

Yeah, I can confirm that the video playback has very frequent stutters and glitches, as seen in the video I've attached.
I occasionally saw even crashes while starting some videos or even perfect playback, I assume its something about Codecs.
Also small note, while viewing the video thru the VRChat window, instead of the VR view, the playback is less glitchy.
I still need to do more tests.
I'll do future comments regarding any updates.


Update: Youtube Video link of the Video Playback Test (since every time I try to edit the comment, it gives me an error for the HTML text)

I'll edit this reply for every update on the current situation


Someone on reddit recommended me to use NimeZ custom 22.11.2 with 22.5.1 kernel which has pretty much worked. Shouldn't I or them be responsible if anyone wants to try but in my case it worked great.

AMD recent drivers breaks freesync and performance in older games while not addressing VRC isssues as well. So this effort to be more up to date while keeping a functional system can be considered an alternative.

NimeZ drivers have been around for a while. Safe to say the people behind it have good intend.

However this is no permanent solution in my mind, AMD should get their efforts together to fix any of it.

Thanks for the information!
I'll try the NimeZ driver you pointed out and do some tests regarding VRChat Video Playback!

So, FFS, I'm back on 22.5.1. I do not expect this to get fixed anytime soon.

Journeyman III

23.7.1 released and nope, still isn't working. Though the performance issues were fixed, somewhat.