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Journeyman III

22.11.2 clock speed spikes?

Is anyone else experiencing clock speed spike at higher Hz since the new driver was released? Mine has been sitting idle at 1900 when at 165Hz, but goes back to ~90 @120Hz. temps are fine, maxing at ~60C. This wasn't an issue until the latest driver update, and all other drivers up to date. Didn't even notice until my pc started crashing over and over again while playing Dark & Darker of all things lol.

Ryzen 7 5800X 8-Core Processor, RX 6700 XT, 32Gb ram, msi x570, msi 1440p 165Hz monitor

Please tell me I'm not crazy, and this is happening to other people. Anyone had this happen and have a fix? Any and all suggestions welcome -thanks



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Adept I

I also experienced this with RX 570 4GB, 32GB Ram, HP 1080p 60Hz monitor. My temperatures are usually at 36C idle and it went to 41C to 46C idle on 22.11.2 driver while the power consumption is from 17-18W and it spikes to 40s in power consumption for a short time and the clock speeds on the core almost running full speed and VRAM clock speeds running at full speed when this happens. outside of 22.11.2 I didn't experience that.

I found that turning off my BIOS OC and turning on Precision Boost Overdrive (found in ryzen master) on top of lowering my refresh rate to 120Hz has solved both of my problems