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Adept I

22.10.2 black screens and driver timeouts

I'm having random Blackscreens and Driver Timeouts on my 6800 XT since a good while now.

Everytime this happend, i used Google Chrome on my secondary Monitor for watching Youtube, Twitch, etc.

I was able to solve the Problem by setting "Choose ANGLE graphics backend" in Google Chrome to anything other than "default" or "D3D11", so i went with "OpenGL" until now.

Today is the day AMD finally announced a new driver (22.10.2) "fixing" the following issues:

  • Driver timeout may occur using HEVC hardware encoding on Radeon™ RX 6000 series GPUs.
  • Dropped frames may occur during video playback using hardware acceleration on Chromium-based browsers with Radeon™ RX 6000 series GPUs.
  • Chromium-based browsers may experience video stuttering on extended monitors with mixed refresh rates using Radeon™ RX 6000 series GPUs.

I used DDU to deinstall my old driver, installed the new one and set my Chrome's setting "Choose ANGLE graphics backend" back to "default".

I started a youtube video and after 20 seconds i got a Driver Timeout ...



I just can't believe it right now. These Drivers are so bad - you can't be serious.



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Enchanced sync is broken again as well , seriously am wondering what the driver team is doing, lying about whats fixed and what not does not surprise me one bit.

nvm it only breaks if you have recording enabled, must be a bandaid due compatibility, anyway keep on bug reporting if personally have had problems from 22.5.2 till 22.10.1 with blackscreens from less worse to worse to less worse 22.10.2 unconfirmed yet for me in terms of stability, im a firefox user so cant say much about chrome but i believe you with the amount of issues if had.

edit: still the same blackscreens with whatsapp videocall its abselutly insane that if reported this since 22.7.1 and on how ignorant AMD is, its as if AMD fired some one and now the driver team is out for revenge breaking the driver little by little since 22.5.2 while 22.5.1 is abselutly stable for me.

And if you think you can avoid it by using other software well yes i can do videocall just fine in signal, but then i still blackscreen from just alt tabbing like **bleep** did AMD change since 22.5.2 that made the drivers such a mess, its only been getting worse and we gained little to no extra performance out of it, is AMD out of their minds ?

22.10.2 unconfirmed yet for me in terms of stability

For me, after this day of testing it feels much more stable than 22.10.1, which actually is nice... At least i wasn't forced to either close game or reboot / hard reset PC even once. I had no black screens either. Chrome user
Can it be multiple monitor thing? I am also unable to test WhatsApp video calls, even though with OBS camera capture it was fine. UPD: Tried WhatsApp video call with screen recording, there was nothing wrong.
Enchanced sync also works normally, i have unlocked FPS as long as i use VSync. 
Are you sure there are nothing really specific or unusual with your system configs? 

Granted, i only use one monitor. Maybe your issues are actually coming from using multiple monitor setups? 

UPD: Found 2 issues, one is rendering issue, where colours aren't what they supposed to be (like 8bit colors). And second issue is for some reason screen recording just cannot be started at some point. 
Hmmm... seems both were fixed by Factory reset (in Adrenalin settings). At least colours now fine for sure, and recording, well... need more time for testing


UPD2: First one was game internal bug (yay, fun), and second one wasn't fixed. Reboot or reset are just temporary fixes (for screen recording through Adrenalin being missing issue". AMD GPU also do have issues with VRAM going into power down mode causing frame freeze 1 second after foregrounding game (for 0.5-1 second). And if VRAM doesn't come out of sleep correctly, you may need to actually relaunch game because it will freeze not for just 1 second, but forever. And it will repeat every time after you attempt foregrounding game (unless you close it and launch again)


It's hardware acceleration. It's an old bug that's back. Disable it on ANYTHING you have running in the background. Discord, Chrome...all of it. See my thread here for more info.


The question is, why would we need to disable it? We're all about energy efficiency here now. Better to just go back to 22.10.1 (the update is saved on your C:\AMD folder)


The hardware acceleration issue goes all the way back to 22.7.1. I'm just stating what the issue is and what the workaround is. Nothing more. What you choose to do is entirely up to you.


This morning 22.10.2 crashed on me after a cold boot with the bug reporting tool offering to send a report.  Looks like I'm rolling back my driver.


Where there is a problem, there is Google Chome. Wonder if the reason I don't have issues is, I don't use Chrome, but Edge and Firefox.


i have had this problem with Edge. grey screen on main monitor second screen still displaying image but whole PC is unresponsive requiring a reboot. all issues have stopped after removing hardware acceleration on Discord, Edge and Overwolf.

still lame that this bug exists from over a year ago. i  first noticed it but could figure out what the root cause was back on 21.6.x drivers the summer before last when i first got this GPU

Finally! Someone gets it! Glad it worked!


Firefox also has issues but its a lot less problematic then chrome yes, but you can still blackscreen in rare case when video is in loop in firefox when switching from game to firefox via alt tab.

Adept III

Well, AGAIN setting FRTC to 178 (48-180Hz FS monitor) will limit your fps in games at 168-169. It's a joke! All this to me means that the driver has a problem with Freesync. PLUS, slow downs are there still as well as stutter when reading from the NVMe (SSD in general).

Seriously AMD, i've been a fan for YEARS but i don't think i'll upgrade to AMD hardware again, not because the hardware is bad (on the contrary) but the software is for laughs.

PC build: 5800X3D, Asus C6H, 6800XT, NVMe, SSDs and HDDs, Creative SBX AE-5, LG 48-180Hz FS 1440p
Adept I

After upgrading from 22.10.1 to 22.10.2 my screen is black flickering. What the **bleep** is AMD doing? Downgraded to 22.10.1 and everything is fine properly. Its sad because 22.10.2 had good updates


Surprising I didn't experience that..............

MOBO :EVGA X299 DARK 151-SX-E299-KR CPU : Intel Core i9-10900X Skylake-X 10-Core 3.7 GHz LCR :Corsair Hydro Series H80i V2 GPU :SAPPHIRE NITRO+ RX 6900 XT SE MEMORY: CORSAIR Dominator Platinum SE Torque 32GB (4 x 8GB) CMD32GX4M4C3200C14T SSD 01: SAMSUNG 970 PRO M.2 1 TB NVMe PCI-Express 3.0 x4 MZ-V7P512BW SSD 02: SAMSUNG 860 PRO 256GBX2 Raid 0 PSU : Corsair AX1200I 1200 Watts CASE :Thermaltake (Armor+) VH6000SWA SC :Creative Sound Blaster AE-9 5.1 Channels Monitor Acer XR382CQK IPS 3840x1600 @ 75HZ BD Samsung SH-B123L
Adept III

So... I went into the trouble of installing windows 10 AGAIN ! New FRESH windows installation.

And surprise surprise, the same s..t happens again. Slow downs, stutter when the NVMe is reading (or any SSD), and setting max FRTC value of 178 (48-180Hz FS monitor) limits max fps in games like Guild Wars 2 to 168-170 fps.

AMD you're losing customers by the day with your crappy drivers and it seems that you can't be bothered.

PC build: 5800X3D, Asus C6H, 6800XT, NVMe, SSDs and HDDs, Creative SBX AE-5, LG 48-180Hz FS 1440p
Adept II

Adrenalin 22.10.2 Made 2 issues go away for me:

  1. I can now browse EDGE with no Artifacts.
  2. I can edit movies with Vegas Pro without any problems. 

Only problem that is still there is "Artifact issues" when using Office 365 programs. This is related to drivers after 22.7.1. (Hardware aceleration)

Its mostly visible in OneNote. I have multiple tables with photos and text. And they will flicker when I edit text on tables. Flicker is less then 1 second. Its minor but visible. If I go back to drivers 22.5.XX I dont have this problem. 
I use:



Adrenalin 22.10.2

4 x 4K screens 144HZ

Main screen is Overclocked to 160HZ. 


Can't replicate with 5700XT in OneNote

Adept III

22.10.2 fixed all issues i had before -> Sapphire RX6800 Pulse OC (5800x@msi x570 Gaming Plus;DDR4 3600CL18)
Also Wattman OC with UV is much more stable.

The AMD Software just crashes with activated HDR, but i dont care about HDR

Ryzen7 5800X 4,95ghz; LLC3; 420mm Liquid Freezer2; Corsair RGB Pro SL 32gb/2 - 3600mhz CL18; Sapphire RX6800 Pulse OC; Asus XG27AQ 165Hz; MSI X570 Gaming Plus PPT:137W EDC:135A TDC:95A; BeQuiet! PP 730W

There's another driver coming this month, 22.10.3

  • Elite Dangerous may crash upon launch on Radeon™ RX 6000 series GPUs. [Resolution targeted for 22.10.3]
Adept I

I noticed that the Problem only occurs when i'm using my second monitor to watch something like Youtube or Twitch. As long as i'm using only one screen, everythings fine. 

Note: My primary screen uses 165 Hz. The other one 60 Hz.


What happens if you try running both monitors at 60Hz same resolution? With Netlix or other copy protected material I would gues some issue with copy protection, but I don't think YT nor Twich has those.


If that helps, I know that when you run two monitors with different hz on an amd (and possibly any other gpu manufacturer), your gpu MEMORY would always run at max speed (apparently, this is the default and correct behaviour). Have you considered that the problem may lie with your video memory temps? Are they ok?

Also what's your main monitor name? Mine's LG 32GP850-B and I have a somewhat similar problem to yours (similarly my second moni is 60 hz)

Journeyman III

Assassin's Creed Odyssey Crashing randomly and 3 other games! Back to 22.5.1. Now it's fine!


Is it running fine still on 22.5.1? Have a similar problem and am considering a downgrade but i've already got burned out from following wrong paths too many times while trying to fix the problem that I am not sure if i should downgrade

Adept II

Interesting. I have something similar on my 5700 xt, only I don't use google chrome (but i do use firefox) and the black screens are rarer and seemingly random (once a week maybe, no visible trigger though the browser runs in the background all the time)

My PC also continues to work after the crash, I can even manipulate it if I connect to it through a screensharing app such as the steam link (monitors don't work). I can see that it says the driver has crashed, and trying to reopen the radeon software app gives a generic error about incompatibility of software with the gpu, no games would launch either because they think my gpu doesnt support directx

Haveyou managed to resolve the problem yet? I'm thinking maybe my GPU is dying, or alternatively it is the driver being glitchy indeed.

2022-11-22 04_30_24-AppCrashView.png
Adept II

Try to disable MPO(Multiplane Overlay)

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


The lack of this key means its enabled

One Click reg file (mpo_disable.reg) is here


Thank you for your reply.

I came across this solution a few days ago and applied the registry changes yesterday.

So far no more crashes.

Browsing through the posts regarding this ( gives me hope.

EDIT: Nevermind. It crashed again.

Adept I

have the same issue since quite a while (months). Only 1 monitor though. I've reverted back to 22.5.1 since a week now and so far zero crashes.

Is AMD still working to fix this? Because any other (newer) release of the adrenalin driver produces these driver timeouts for some reason?

Are the regedit changes suggested above a valid workaround ?


All hail 22.11.2

The only that works without us need complaining in here.

Please AMD, just remove all your recent version and do fresh start from 22.11.2.

Or at least create a branch.

I do not need your FSR 3, AFMF, freesync, echance sync, anti lag, anti lag +... I just need it my monitor wake up when I move my mouse without no driver timeout pop up. For games, as long as 60fps 1080p is good enough for me.

MSI B550 Pro-VDH - MSI 6600XT - Ryzen 5600G

Just curious .. what power supply are you running?

I was experiencing driver timeouts on my wife's old setup where she ran an RX550 2GB.. I swapped out her junk Thermaltake RGB Smart 500wtt 80 Plus (white rated) with a Segotep 600wtt 80+ Gold and the issue was resolved

Fast forward to a few days ago .. I had just setup my wife's current setup (we just moved) .. updated Windows, AM4 chipset drivers from website, updated her BIOS .. and then downgraded her drivers from beta drivers I was testing on her setup before we moved to the 23.9.3's and then started playing CS2 training mode .. after several matches in .. driver timeout

She runs a 5700XT now with a Seasonic Focus 850wtt 80+ Platinum PSU .. I didn't think it was a power supply problem, but didn't rule it out

I ran AMD's Cleanup Utility (I've only ever ran AMD GPU's on her setup) .. it automatically rebooted into safe mode and did it's thing .. I rebooted into normal Windows , reinstalled the latest (then) drivers and now no more driver timeouts .. I haven't installed these brand new drivers yet though

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