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Adept I

21.2.2 HDMI audio device unplugged

I'm no longer able to get audio though HDMI when upgrading to 21.2.2.  I have resolved this by rolling back to the WHQL 20.11.2 drivers as a temporary fix.  I tried rolling back to the previous Optional version of the drivers (21.1.1) but the issue persists.

I've tried cleaning up with the AMD Cleanup tool in Safe Mode.  I've uninstalled with DDU.

Restarting the system I have audio again.  Installing the drivers I still have audio.  Doing the necessary restart following the installation results in the system not detecting the HDMI audio cable as being plugged in.

I have tried upgrading the display driver only by extracting it from 21.2.2 and directly installing following the complete clean installation of 20.11.2.  This again breaks the audio output.  I have tried manually updating the audio drivers only and this doesn't resolve the issue.

When trying to troubleshoot the audio issue I have several AMD HDMI devices to try and troubleshoot/select with the Windows Troubleshooter. I believe the issue may lie in that on re-installing the new drivers, a new audio device is created.  I can't figure out a way to remove the historical devices.  Device Manager doesn't show up these multiple entries.  I believe this may be a reason that rolling back to the previous Optional Driver version is not possible

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

R5 3600, 32GB RAM, XFX DD Ultra II 5700, Gigabyte Aorus x570, Windows 10 Home

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Adept I

Same issue with my RX 580 sapphire nitro and HDMI audio device. Tried all what You mentioned above but after mandatory restart audio breaks and goes completely silent until I do a driver rollback as a temporary fix.

RX 580 SAPPHIRE here, with exact same issue. I didn't roll back yet but I think I will do...

Me who just praised TODAY AFTERNOON to my fiancée the virtue of keeping updated with one's drivers (she has the same GPU). Guess she'll laugh hardcore when she will wake up.


RX 570. Win 10. The same problem. Rollback to the previous version of the driver helped.

Adept II

HDMI audio also disappeared on my Vega 56 with the latest 21.2.2 beta.

[Win10 20H2]

[Ryzen 2600X | Radeon Vega 56]

I have the same problem with display port and HDMI. no audio at all from my 580

Adept II

Not sure about the 5000 series, but this is a known issue with the RX 400/500 series cards. Says so in the Release Notes.



You're right. FFS. Could have saved myself literal hours by reading the release notes. "HDMI Audio Devices may fail to install on Radeon RX 400 and Radeon RX 500 series graphics products."


I rolled back to 21.2.1 and it was working, now my audio also stopped working on the previous version Oh boy.....not good. It really stinks not having audio anymore. I feel like I've went back to the stone age. My only sound is through my monitor which is quite common in today's age of audio built right into monitors. This is a massive issue. I hope it gets fixed soon! I'm on Radeon Saphire RX 580.

Journeyman III

I have the same problem dude I have a RX 480, Now I'm only using 1 monitor now, when i re install all and connect the second one the hdmi dissapears

Adept I

Same here with an RX580.... Did a roll back to bring my HDMI audio back. The device completely disappeared after the update, couldn't find it even by scanning for new hardware, etc

Journeyman III

I'll say one thing about Nvidia. At least when they release a broken driver, they roll out a patch the same day. AMD could care less and won't even think about fixing it for months until the next broken driver they release.

Adept I

I'm having the exact same issue. But after updating and then downgrading ReLive doesn't work anymore!