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Adept II

20.3.1 still unable to switch Tuning Profiles

By default my Global Tuning tab looks like this:

Radeon Software 20.03.2020 3_58_19.png

Please note: Zero RPM - enabled, Power Tuning - disabled.

Also I'm using a game profile with a different settings:

Radeon Software 20.03.2020 3_58_27.png

Advanced Fan Control, custom fan curve, Power Tuning set to +50%

And now the problem:

Each time I'm playing the game the tuning profile overrides Global Tuning settings, after turning the game off the Global Tuning tab looks like this:

Radeon Software 20.03.2020 5_54_59.png

Power limit: +50%, Fan tuning: disabled

As a result my GPU fans never stop after I exit the game. I have to manually switch global tuning Zero RPM option to "On" each time.

I assume this is a bug, either a very frustrating user experience.

Ryzen 2600


Radeon Software 20.3.1

Windows 10 1909

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I had the same issue....I found that this Global setting (below) seems to hold:

Game Profile


I've been trying different setting combinations since 20.3.1 installation neither works for me.

Zero RPM keeps turning off.

Yeah..I'm getting the same the game profiles are not overriding the Global settings. I tried the last drivers..and all the same. I am going back to the 19.12.1 drivers. 

We need to report this to AMD 

Include the screenshots if you can..

Journeyman III

try this set your fan curve as you like in global

save profile then edit and change the feature id 18 to true in both lines

this is what fixed mine now after playing games fan will go to 0 at 45 degrees

<FEATURE ID="18" Enabled="True">
<STATE ID="0" Enabled="True" Value="0"/>

no need to add any game profiles.