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Adept I

19.8.1 Atikmdag.sys bluescreen 5700 xt

I just installed the latest 5700 xt drivers 19.8.1 and when i restart i get a blue screen and code Atikmdag.sys and have had to go into safe mode and roll back the drivers i then downloaded the drivers and installed them manually thinking that the self down loader may be the problem but it didn't help any ideas   

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Community Manager

This issue should be resolved in 19.9.2 driver which can be downloaded here

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Installing it now via RDP from work...if it blue screens my Ryzen 5 laptop I'll just roll back to 19.7.5 again. Hopefully 19.9.1 is more stable.



Still bluescreens on Hardware Acceleration

Still can't record, play or edit video properly

I feel scmed out of $400 by now lmao

Haven't blue screened yet...did some video playback and fired off a few Open GL games within RetroArch, seems ok so far. The 19.8.x drivers blue screened at random, infrequently, often less than once per day.


Sirpawsies did u tryed already with the new driver release ? 19.9.1?!? 

Adept III

Well, seems like 19.9.1 solves the BSOD (I think, because i also changed PCI-E auto from bios to Gen3 3 days ago)

Buuuuut i'm experiencing a lot of stuttering in games.


Well thats good news zantsu , 

Keep us posted if you encounter anymore problems , i will try to update also and give it a shot . 

Adept I

I have solved my stability issues by doing a custom install and opting only for the graphics and audio hdmi driver. All the instability and crashes appear to be caused by AMD Settings (wattman etc). I'll wait a few months before trying to install the full package, don't want to risk anything now.

Adept I

The only way I get this card to run SORTA stable.... is to wait till after a crash and dont touch any of the wattman settings.

I tried a bunch of different driver versions.

Running a reference 5700xt, the card just wont runs table with any sort of fan profile applied in wattman and I cant use afterburner or other applications to boost the fan speed a bit because they cause bsod/hard crash/reboot/flickering.

The only way it seems to get the card to run stable is to wait for it to crash and let it set everything to default and dont touch it, and just play games or whatever and let the card bake at 80c-90c, which is dumb.

The default fan profile is stupid.

Why doesnt the reference cooler have atleast a couple of heatpipes?

And why doesnt windows 8.1 have driver support but windows 7 does lol? (fine I get it people can use the 7 drivers but its silly) personally i use windows 8.1 over windows 10 most of the time (dual boot) because I have some work stuff on there that was lazy to swap over.

In anycase, I just ordered a 2070 Super, and im sending this piece of junk back, maybe the 5800xt will be released with some functioning drivers lol

If you cant control the fan, the card is just gona bake itself into a dumpster and the reference cooler is worse than I thought it would be.


Does sound wierd.. i havent had any Bsod, crashes, freezes or anything and i can control everything in Wattsman. but i do still use driver 19.7.5
But if i could, i would also get a 2070 super


BSODs seems to happen only in 19.8.x versions


RE: Why doesnt the reference cooler have atleast a couple of heatpipes?
The heatsink on those reference blower GPU is tiny, and even though they use vapor chamber, there is only so much that can be done to radiate / convect  heat away. Having bigger heatpipes is porobably not worth it. 

RE: And why doesnt windows 8.1 have driver support but windows 7 does.
AMD Dropped support comppletely for Windows 8.1 64 bit Drivers from 17.7.2 "vega launch" driver.
You can risk to install the Windows 7 64 bit driver on Windows 8.1 64bit buit the advice is - it's at your own risk and they guarantee nothing it is not tested.
I used Windows 8.1 64bit as main Windows OS. I have choice to install untested Windows 7 driver or stick on 17.7.1/17.4.4 WHQL.
I am guessing when Windows 7 support ends in Jan next year I will have no Windows 8.1. driver support path at all.
When I purchased my AMD R9 FuryX/Nano/Fury GPYUs it said Windows 8.1 64bit support on the box and on the web page spec.

RE: maybe the 5800xt will be released with some functioning drivers.
Gamer Nexus complained about thhe state of AMD Drivers and Wattman for recent reference and AIB GPUs.
Other review sites do not mention Driver Stability, apart from Linus Terch Tips rreview of the reference card.
From my personal experience AMD Drivers have been nvery unstable/ buggy since Vega launch (17.7.2 driver).
They have improved rrecently on my Vega GPUs (XFX RX Vega 64 Liquid and PowerColor Red Dragon Vega 56).
I purchased the Vega 64 Liquid in November 2018, and the drivers were awful then. I constanly filed AMD Reporting forms.
Now (September 2019), I have both those Vega GPU running in DX11 Crossfire and DX 12 MultiGPU and they are reasonably stable with 19.8.2 Adrenalin Drivers.
I should not have had to go through months of driver issues and filing reports though.

It is a pity if the RX5700XT drivers are unstable, because it looks like a significant improvement over Vega.
The only reason I do not purchase RX5700XT AIB is I do not want to go though AMD driver issues like I had on Vega ever again.


Its such a shame, I was really looking forward to using this card.

I really wanted AMD to outdo Nvidia, but the drivers are just so bad the card might as well be used as a door stop.

Speed means nothing without stability.

Its like Russian roulette everytime you turn the computer on, you play a game sitting on the edge of your seat wondering if the system will hard crash in the middle of it and D/C you lol

Such a shame, because WHEN IT WORKS ITS GREAT, problem is, it crashes way too often for me to actually deal with it. What a waste of time.

And ontop of it, its like, what? you are gona sit on a card for 3 months with your fingers crossed in the hopes that AMD makes some drivers? lol ? meanwhile the card is depreciating and you cant even use it.

It only makes sense to send it back ASAP before its too late to dump it back on the re-sellers (first week or two).

I cant believe i went through all this troubleshooting and the only sensible thing to do is send the card back and buy a more expensive card from AMD's competitor Which I dont want to do, but I need a card in this specific performance class.

Adept I

i have the new driver installed normally , without deselecting watt man whatsoever . I’m still with the bios with 3gen instead of auto and still without the xmp profile enabled . Just with the base 2400mhz ram clock . I will try to enable tomorrow and see how it works . 

Adept III

Nevermind, system crashes keeps happening in 19.9.1.

The system throw a BSOD (a.k.a. AMD's driver) on my face today.
Going to downgrade AGAIN to 19.7.1


19.7.5 was the only driver thus far that made the card use-able for any length of time for me.

I havent tried rolling back to 19.7.1 because im tired of booting into safe mode, using DDU and re-installing XD.....

At this point i have spent more time trying to fix this card, than actually using it to do anything fun or productive.

Was hoping to get it sorted out so I could cancel the order for the 2070 Super... but its just not worth my time.


You don't need to DDU, just use the clean install option from driver installer.
For me this options works fine.

Adept III

Same Errors Present in  19.9.1 .  its really irritating to see . performance improvment in gears . whereas the navi has broken gears which they wont fix 

KERNEL  and DRIVER_IRQ and atidag.sys

Adept I

I've been having crashing on the latest driver because of hardware acceleration in browser and maybe discord. Disable in settings and your crashes should go away. 


can u confirm it .. ill use 19.9.1  gaming wise it gives more frames 


Nope, it stutter in games a lot.

When i installed this version Spyro started to sttuter like hell

Adept I

Same here - same driver:

Atikmdag.sys bluescreen 5700 xt

Always have to install the 19.7.5 version and then it only bluescreens once a day or so on the video drivers, about to roll back again. I've tried every version since the 5700 XT release.


I'm still using the new driver and still no BSOD's. If it happens i will comeback to 19.7.5 . For what i have been reading this will only  be stable in 3/4 months after the release date. Every time AMD realeases new GPU's this happens and it shouldnt because we are not beta testers. We paid 450€ plus to test the software for them and thats a complete shamme. 

But well im in that situation that i can't return the gpu because it already passed the 15 days so... you 'r not alone. 

I suggest you turn off HW accleration in STEAM . CHROME  / DISCORD / OVERWOLF / or any app that uses it . there wont be any BSODS

Adept I

Hi Guys, 

I was Bluescreening about 3 times every evening, but I have now managed to resolve my issues.

I am on 19.9.1 and I used DDU in safe mode to get there.

But I took the step of updating my B450 chipset drivers.  I think I only installed the versions that came with my board.  but updated to the latest ones and issue has gone completely.

Try updating your mobo chipset drivers (I nearly sent this wonderful card back!)


How many days have you spend to fix it since you purchased the gfx?


I have been looking on and off for about 2 weeks.  I tried many different drivers (using DDU) I didn't actually consider it could be my motherboard chipset drivers that could be at fault.

When I built the computer I installed the motherboard manufacturers drivers.  They still don't have the drivers I managed to get from AMD.

As soon as I installed the AMD drivers from the AMD site I noticed an immediate difference.  it hasn't crashed since.


mrcloister have you tried running PUBG or ArmA 3 since you fixed your crashes?


No I'll give that a go tonight


Latest chipset driver doesn't solve for me. (B350 -

Latest gpu driver doesn't solve for me too (19.9.1)
Latest mobo BIOS doesn't solve for me too (F42a GB AB350M Gaming 3)


Same here - latest AMD chipset drivers ( Before I installed 19.9.1, I did a clean uninstall of 19.7.5, so no video drivers (other than whatever default Windows 10 provides) prior to installation. I've been rolled back to 19.7.5 for a couple of days now and zero BSoD's. I also run clean uninstalls before rolling back drivers, as you never know what's left in place otherwise.

Adept II

I had to roll back to 19.7.5 on my AMD Ryzen 5 3500U laptop. 19.9.1 has the same issues as 19.8.x. Very unstable, BSoD's from browsing to Facebook in Firefox, just ridiculous. I went almost 48 hours after installing 19.9.1 (without a BSoD), but they started today and I've had 3 BSoD's today already. Always the same "atikmdag.sys" error code in the BSoD.

The odd thing is that my Intel Xeon desktop (RX 560) doesn't have any problems with the new Adrenalin drivers, just my AMD Ryzen 3500U (Vega 8 graphics) has BSoD issues. Both systems have similar software/apps installed (Windows 10 x64, latest builds).

Adept III

What AGESA version are you all running - those with BSOD?

I updated to the beta ABB for my X570 and havnt had an issue since.


I'm with latest BIOS, that means
So, the latest AGESA doesn't solve the BSOD too


Do you have an NVMe M2 SSD? If so is it in Slot 1 or 2?

PS: I’m on v1903 OS Build 18362.329 


No, don't have nvme

Journeyman III

I updated driver to 19.9.1 and updated my chipset drivers to the latest version and havent had a bsod in 6 days.

Windows 10 pro, Asus rog crosshair VIII Hero, x570, Sabrent Rocket 1TB nvme pcie4, Ryzen 9 3900x, xfx radeon 5700 xt


How do u Update the chipset?


I didn't update the chipset. I updated the drivers for it. I have an Asus board with the x570 chipset. I went to the Asus site, searched the latest drivers for my board and downloaded the newest version.


Maybe that would work, but i have no idea how to do it


What motherboard do you have?