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Adept I

18.12.2: R9 390 + 7750 Black screen driver crash after 15+ minutes of medium-high (70-80%s) CPU and GPU load

Driver version: 18.12.2
GPUs: MSI R9 390 (Factory Overclock 1040/1500) and HIS 7750 (Stock 800/1125)
Displays: Acer XG270HU (390 via DP 2560x1440 @ 144Hz) and Samsung Syncmaster E2420 (7750 via DVI 1920x1080 60Hz)
Other Specs: MB: Asus Prime X470; CPU: 1700X (@3.9 (100x39) 1.33v; 24hr prime stable @ 3.925 1.35v); 16 GB (2x8GB) Gskill Ripjaw 3200 (Cas 16); Windows 10 Pro 64 Bit (1803); Seasonic Focus Plus 750Watt Powersupply.

Driver crashes after 15-20 minutes of high CPU and GPU utilization (Both around 70-80%)

CPU Temp: ~60c - 65c
12v: ~12.099v - ~12.15v
390: ~70c - 74c
7750: ~32c - ~38c (7750 is normally @ 2D clocks (300/150) near idle)

Mostly while running Cities Skylines or Kerbal Space Program.
Also happens if GPU Rendering is selecting in Sony Vegas 13 (Which I don't normally use anyway.)

Does not happen when using prime95 + Aida64 GPU only.

Other applications (like Teamspeak/Discord) still function in the background, but no display driver restarts. Forcing a restart via button.

Only notification on restart is Wattman reset settings to default (I haven't changed any settings in wattman other than forcing the 7750 to 100% fan for a few minutes back in version 18.11.2)

I use Clean Install every time since the option was added.

Does not happen in previously used version: (18.12.1)

The reason I'm using a 7750 to run the second display is since I got the 144hz Acer display, the 390 stutters even on the blank desktop @ 2D (300/150) clocks and will not increase clock unless either a game uses directX/OpenGL/Vulkan, or Hardware acceleration is used by Chrome. (Old setup was two 1080p displays @ 60Hz via DVI)

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Adept III

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