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Journeyman III

120Hz AOC monitor flicker via display port and TV on HDMI

I have a Radeon RX-580 GPU outputting a full HD 1920x1080 at 120Hz signal via display port to AOC 24'' monitor and a Samsung TV via HDMI cable at 4K at 60p. 

The weird thing is that during turning on and powering off the TV the monitor flickers and resets the color scheme. I can see it going from cold colors to brighter, than warmer. At this point my cursor is constantly reset to the center of the screen. No matter how quickly I try and change display settings I can't. It refreshes and flickers and resets the cursor to center.

I have to physically disconnect the HDMI cable and then reconnect for things to return to normal.  

Solutions already tried:

  • Changing to a different HDMI cable and different ports. 
  • Testing HDMI signal with Samsung TV built-in HDMI troubleshooting. No issues found. It perfectly detects a PC is found.
  • I have updated to the latest driver 21.2.1. issued on 17th January. 

I now assume this is due to the fact my monitor is 120Hz while TV is 4K with 60p.