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TigerDirect PC Race

Seeing as AMD is one of the sponsors of this race I thought I would bring this up...

TigerDirect has an annual PC race and despite the closing of most of its retail stores, the guys who run the program were able to keep this alive!

It's only 2 of them running it and I hear future years will depend on interest from this year.

Because of the stores closing, they've changed a few venues.

QuakeCon saw over 100 people interested and that has been great news.

Remaining events:

  • Jefferson, GA – August 22rd @ TigerDirect Retail Store
  • Chicago, IL – September 26th @ Northwestern University
  • Miami, FL – October 16th @ TigerDirect Retail Store

Another big change this year: They disclosed the PC configuration for the race.

As a former regional winner I hope those of you in those areas will sign up and compete.

Winners get both gift cards and, arguably more importantly, a matching donation to the charity of their choice.

Oh, and those who get to the finals get to keep the PC they build at the finals. (2014 was a rather nice PC.)

More on TD's own site:

Happy to answer any questions AMD Red Team members may have.

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