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Serious issues in Unreal Engine on RX 7900XT


Just got my first-ever AMD card for my game dev work.

There are serious issues when using the latest Unreal Engine which is my (and many others') main development ecosystem.

Nanite Foilage with Virtual shadow maps flickers and glitches, it's unusable in this state.


I'm not the only one with this problem, here's how to reproduce it:

Hardware Raytracing doesn't work (Graphical glitches)



Screen Space Global Illumination doesn't work (graphical glitches)


Vulkan: Switching the project to use the Vulkan renderer hard crashes the Radeon Driver and UE.


(Sorry for recording with a phone, it crashes the OBS recording)
I've already submitted a bug report for this with the AMD Software bug report tool with all the logs & memory dumps.

Also here's everything from my Saved/Crashes folder, Logs folder, and Shaders folder from this project

Ryzen 9 5900X, 64GB RAM, RX 7900XT Reference model (ASRock)
Driver 23.1.1
Win 10 22H2

I'd love to know if anyone has any experience with the above.

Also, I hate to be that guy but have to say I'm pretty disappointed because AMD just advertised this card to me for Unreal Engine which I have really mixed feelings about.



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Hi @PreyK ,

Thank you for reporting the issues and sharing the above information. I will report it to the appropriate team.

I have whitelisted you for the AMD Devgurus community.


Hi Dipak

My Studio is at the point of upgrading our UE5 cinematic production gear to RX 7900XT. You will appreciate that we cannot proceed without clarification of the issues raised above. Are you able to provide any additional information at this stage?



Hi Peter,

I will check with the related team and let you know if I get any update on this.

You have been whitelisted for the AMD Devgurus community.



Here is an update I got from the concerned team.

"We have reproduced the Vulkan crash and are investigating it. However, we were unable to reproduce the "Nanite Foliage with Virtual shadow maps flickers and glitches" issue.

The "Screen Space Global Illumination" issue is a known issue that is actually an engine bug, but it only happens on AMD gpus. We are working with the Epic team to resolve this issue."

I will let you know if I get any further update/information on this.



I do recommend using the latest WHQL driver for your card, though it might not fix your issues. 

I assume you are using UE5.1? Or UE5.0? The driver used can make a big difference.

Also, when not in the editor, but rather engine preview, does the issue persist?

(I know this has been marked solved but the solution might still be usefull for others, please post a link to the other topic, if you deem it usefull)