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Rig of the Month Contest: Three more left!

Happy Friday, Red Team! 

There is three more Rig of the Month Contests (ROTM) left! 2023 will be here before we know it...

A few reminders: 

  • Everyone is welcome to enter the contest! Spread the word Red Team! 
  • To those who have entered any of the past month's contests (except the winners), you may re-submit your rig in the upcoming months (there are three left - Oct, Nov, and Dec)! 
  • You may have missed it, but as mentioned in the Rules, we're planning to feature a "Grand Prize" to close the ROTM contest in January 2023! A $3000 gaming rig! 


Speaking of prizes...

Past ROTM PrizesPast ROTM Prizes




One more thing, I'm plotting a surprise prize for the December ROTM! Something tells me it will make Xmas special for the winner!

So get the word out! Tell everyone to enter the Red Team ROTM contest! Thank you, Red Team! 





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1 Reply

One day! One day I am going to have a rig worthy of entering into the ROTM giveaways!

Looking at all the beauties out there, mine just gets a little shy.

I'll be the first one to admit it... SSDs free floating not in a slot. PSU without modular cables so there is a jungle of wires. Blue, reds and blacks are not colour coded.

Let's just say If I was to post mine today, @Sam_AMD you'd probably have to stick an NSFW sticker over it 😛

Ok, maybe I was a bit dramatic - but you get the picture 😛

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