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Red Team Monthly Sweepstakes: September- AMD Ryzen™ 7 7800X3D Gaming Processor

2188203_Red_Team_Monthly Sweepstakes_August_1920x600_FNL.jpg

Hey Red Team, 

It's officially fall, and this sweepstakes is too good to be-leaf. You will have the chance to win an AMD Ryzen™ 7 7800X3D Gaming Processor bringing your PC the latest AMD 3D V-Cache™ technology. Learn what these gaming processors are all about here

Entering is easy, follow these steps:

  1. Ensure you are a registered member with a ranking greater than or equal to Novice III. Click here for more info about ranks.

  2. Reply to this post with the game you've recently dove into and are excited to play next! 

Example reply:

"I recently started playing Starfield and can't put it down, I spent hours customizing my character and spaceship."

  1. Hit “Reply” and that’s it!

The September Sweepstakes Entry Period opens on Friday, September 1, 2023, at 12:00 p.m. Central Time. Entries must be submitted by Friday, September 29, 2023, at 12:00 p.m. Central Time. For more information about how to enter, check out the blog!

*NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. Open to legal residents of the 50 United States (D.C.) and Canada, 18 years or older members of the AMD Community forum with a Novice III or greater ranking. Ends 9/29/2023. For Official Rules, including odds and prize descriptions, visit Red Team Monthly Sweepstakes 2023 Rules. Void where prohibited. Sponsor: AMD, Inc.

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232 Replies
Adept I

I recently finished Dying Light 2 and got my Druid to 100 in Diablo 4. I'm now headed to Starfield and can't wait to make settlements on as many planets as I can.

Adept II

I've been playing Fall Guys, but I'm looking forward to Starfield.

Adept II

We got an invite to the Closed Beta of SEGA'S new Space-Loot-BR - HYENAS - i missed the previous invite and seen they recently sent an email so i HAD to be apart of this next wave!! It's pretty awesome!! how bout you try it out with me - here's an invite key for STEAM!  




rock on AMD!


I have been playing Red Dead Redemption 2, but I am excited to play Starfield!

Adept I

Ugh i hate that it is NA only.


Journeyman III

hi! I've been playing a lot of starfield and finishing up cyberpunk 2077 lately, it's been a great time on my XTX!

Adept I

Working on water-cooling my AMD RX 6950 XT to get down with Starfield.

Adept I

Playing Jagged Alliance 3, got Starfield downloading as we speak. Going to be a great fall season 😁

Baldurs gate 3. It's made me really want to play DND again since it conceptually made clearer some of the game mechanics

I also hope the folks at Larian really open things out for home made campaigns like they did with Divinity OS 2

Adept II

not sure if it loaded my reply loaded but Hyenas by SEGA is a Closed beta i joined recently - I recommend followin' and checkin' out the game on Steam! Rock on AMD!

Journeyman III

I'm very much looking forward to staying Starfield but until I have time to sit down at my desktop I've been playing a little Gears Tactics and Mad Effect Andromeda on the laptop... Although with how beautiful they are I want to see what they are like on the HDR monitor :desktop_computer:️!


Is this your not-so-subtle way of saying "Yo, Axxe... you really want to platform upgrade your rig. Then gift your nephew your old hardware to get him part of the PCMR."

Performance over Pretty.
Adept II

Obviously playing Starfield atm. My collection of cutlery is growing nicely, I shall soon be rich! Future gaming plans are Homeworld 3! Oh yes. 


The "3D" version of AMD CPU`s is usually better than standard "X" version.

Adept II

I've really gotten into Sea of Stars the past few days. Such a fun little game. 

Adept I

I've been having a lot of fun with Cities Skylines and CK3 lately, it'd be great to snag a new CPU though, my 6th gen Intel is starting to show its age lol. 

aI have starfield installed but have not started on it yet. still playing wreckfest for now.

Adept III

Started Baldur's Gate 3 last month, seemingly stuck their for the rest of the year haha 

Maybe Starfield soon? 🙂

Journeyman III

Im waiting for THIS ❤️

Journeyman III

I've been playing Diablo IV but i want to play Starfield in Xbox pass ❤️

Adept I

Sucked into Starfield, see everyone next year!

I've been playing some Minecraft and Forza Horizon 5, though I'm starting to sprinkle in Rise to Ruins and Planet Coaster.


I'm really looking forward to Armored Core 6! I saw someone playing it yesterday, and now I really want to play it for myself. It looks so cool, and so satisfying to play!

Adept I

I’ve given up my life to explore the stars that’s right starfield. I’ve had a pretty good time finally joined the vanguard and have wasted about 3 hours alone on trying to beat the flight simulator with no cheats or added buffs. I don’t think it’s possible without getting out of your seat and letting health and shields regen. 

Adept II

I've just been playing some Heroes 3.

Journeyman III

Catching up with some single players on PS5, also CoD, and considering Baulder's Gate.

BG3 has been really good

Adept II

I just got Warhammer 40,000 Boltgun on sale. I am looking forward to my next day off to start on this game. 

Adept I

Playing Starfield, wich i won from AMD Red-team 🙂 One of THE games released in the past years.

Adept I

I have been playing way too much of Merge and Blade and enjoying it a ton

Adept II

gl all


Adept I

Playing Death Stranding and absolutely loving. I wonder how much high my graphics would be if I had a better rig ☺️☺️

Adept II

The 7800x3D is like the perfect cpu for any high end build

Adept III

Nice uplift for WoW over my current CPU

Ryzen 7 7700X | MSI RTX 4070Ti Suprim X| Gskill Flare X DDR5 6000 | MSI X670E Pro Carbon | Bequiet Pure Loop 2 FX 360mm | Lian Li Lancool III | Corsair HX1500i |4,140mm Lightwings 3 Fans
Adept II

Still working through my backlog with NeiR: Automata. 

Probably hit the Metro series afterwards.

Adept I

I've been loving starfield but I'm playing it with Xbox cloud gaming which is sometimes a great experience on my aging PC and sometimes an absolutely awful one. But overall more good than bad!

Adept I

I recently started playing Galaxy on FIRE 2  HD and can't put it down.

Adept I



You won't play much 😞

Adept I

Still playing CIV 6. Looking forward to Total War: Pharaoh! Thanks for the opportunity! Good luck to everyone!

Adept II

Still playering Genshin, and Honkai SR. Played a little Starfield on Gamepass.

Adept I

too much time spent in Epic store.    can't wait to plunge into StarField.