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Community Resources

Community Manager

Where should you publish a post?

Hey everyone! 

Wanted to create an easy reference post that outlines our discussion boards, and the purpose for each as a guide for where you should post. If you have any questions, feel free to comment below 🙂 


  • Off-Topic Discussions
    • Maybe you have a random question that doesn't feel gaming related or you want to share your favorite hobbies, sports, music, or chat about your pets! Have you taken some great vacation photos or cooked a tasty meal? We want to hear about it! Have fun!
  • Gaming Discussions 
    • Share your gaming experiences or chat about the video game you are currently playing with everyone. Have you played at a LAN party, or attended a gaming industry event lately? Then share away, this is the forum to do it! You may also provide tips for optimizing a game, building a PC, upgrading your hardware, or configuring the driver and software tools with the rest of the community. Have fun!
  • Community Resources
    • A place where you can find updates from the Community Management Team, How-To articles, Tips about the Community Platform features, Polls, and more!
  • PC Building 
    • Whether you are a seasoned builder or new to pc building, we know you have recommendations and/or questions about the parts you are planning to purchase. Start a new discussion or answer a question. Share your thoughts, experience, and ultimately your recommendation(s) with the rest of the Red Team Community!
  • Part Recommendations 
    • Share your pc building and/or upgrade plans, ideas, tips, and even a checklist if you have one. Be sure to share pictures of your rig, and most importantly your expertise with everyone.
  • Contests and Sweeps
    • If you're looking to stay up-to-date on the latest contests, giveaways, and sweepstakes we have going on in the Red Team Community, look no further. If you've seen another contest not related to AMD, share it here! With hardware, software, and swag up for grabs, be sure to drop in often to see what we, and our amazing partners, have in store for you.
  • Tech Deals
    • Keep up with deals on hardware, games, bundles, and products that AMD, our partners, and anyone else have to offer! If you come across a deal online, feel free to share it so others can enjoy the deals too. 🙂 
  • Battle Stations
    • This is the place to showoff your PC or your whole desk setup! Share your rig and its specs, or your entire Battle Station with everyone. We'd love to see it!


As a friendly reminder, any hardware support questions should be published within the support forums here: 

Your friend at AMD
PC specs | Twitter | Red Team Discord
3 Replies

Where could i post a feature request for adrenaline? Or did i miss something in the OP?

If you wanted to start a discussion about adrenaline (including a feature request) I would recommend publishing it in our support forum here: 🙂 

Your friend at AMD
PC specs | Twitter | Red Team Discord
Community Manager

Hey everyone, 

This post has been updated, and we recently added Tech Deals 🙂 Whoop whoop! 

Holler if you have any questions! 

Your friend at AMD
PC specs | Twitter | Red Team Discord