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RPR 2.3.4 install/ uninstall?

Someone mentioned recently in a post here, that it seems silly to have ProRender rely on it's own "Installer" instead of just installing from a .zip like every other Blender add-on.  To this same point, it seems you guys have mentioned the enormous amount of time and work put into getting this "installer" to work right.  But here I am yet again, Running the installer for RPR 2.3.4, which runs fine, says complete, but I've still got the same broken 2.3.1 showing in blender.  Then I run the ProRender installer, and choose "remove" and it says completed, but they are all still installed in blender.  But trying to manually use the "Remove" button in blender just gives an error.  With any other add-on it's as simple as remove button, and then pick the .zip to add.  Not to mention that even though " It isn't supported" alot of us do like to use the nightly builds, and at our own risk we are willing to use ProRender in these versions (some other add-ons are actually updated VERY frequently in sync with the alpha builds) so in those cases we have to fiddle and fuss to get the RPR add-on folders in place and able to work with, now, 2.83a.  Heck even just an OPTIONAL .zip format for people who would rather do it that way?   This just seems harder than it should be, unless there really is a necessity for this extra mess.

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