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Random Crash - simple geo 2.79b RPR 1.8.258

MBP15 2017 i7 3.1 with 560 Radeon Pro 4GB GPU

Modelled something really simple - a sphere (that simple!). Assigned four materials to some vertices.

Literally fired up Rendered Mode to have a first "test" look at the model in the viewport using RPR.

Wasn't what I intended so I pressed Shift-Z to stop the Rendered mode to fix the material assignments on the model but... instant crash.

Logs and file attached but I suspect it doesn't crash for anyone else. I bet if I load it up again it won't crash for me.

This is what happens all the time for me.

I do hope the random crashing issue can be located. This particular model of MBP seems to be extremely unstable with RPR. 

I hope the logs help somehow?

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I think because the 2.0.10-hotfix build for Blender 2.8 is so stable this will be my last bug report for Blender 2.79 RPR.

Please mark this post as closed.


Thank for information.