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Adept II

Re: In 2021,Why AMD GPU Still Sucks On Cycles?!

Blender is aware of this problem. And the map changed to the fore, after Blender launched Cycles X for Blender version 3.

And even though AMD has joined as a donor at Blender, for some reason they reference the GPU on the x cycles event, they still reference the Nvidia GPU.

And Blender wants to invite Intel & AMD to adjust this change, because OpenCL support has been removed in these x cycles.

Blender Cycles X 

This is a significant development of cycles, but if AMD doesn't keep up and adapt to these changes, AMD GPU users will continue to suffer and move to Nvidia.

Journeyman III

Re: In 2021,Why AMD GPU Still Sucks On Cycles?!


Posted this in an AMD forum Users Post:

Re: In 2021,Why AMD GPU Still Sucks On Cycles?!

I think I might have found a so-called hack to get the 'Indirect_Background' one to work. 

1. Start with initial default cube. Mainly so that Blender will recover faster.
2. Add a HDRI (don't really know if you have to).
3. Switch from 'Solid' view to 'Mat Preview' then switch to 'Render' view. Now I think it does start to hang, but immediately switch back to 'Mat View' and wait for it to clear its self up. Then switch back to 'Render' view.
4. Hit F10 while still in 'Viewport' (may not have to do this, but was in 'Mat Preview').
5. Go to Render tab and watch the magic happen (hopefully).

I don't think I've forgotten anything. You can then open another file and everything should still work. Even on start up.

*** Updated to Adrenaline 21.4.1, repeated what's above and it still works ***


Admin: You can delete the 1st version of my post/reply. I couldn't edit or delete it.