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Adept II

Blender HIP development?

So AMD, when are you going to make it where HIP-RT is working in Blender? The latest benchmarks in Blender for the 7000 series are a joke. The XTX barely edges out my 3060 OC that I'm looking to upgrade and is THOROUGHLY trounced by the 3080.

In fact, it is only on a par with the 2080 Ti, a TWO generations old GPU.

I mean seriously, you only need to optimize for ONE program, that happens to be the 3D program with the largest user base world wide. Yet, nothing. You stopped ProRender development to move over to a more open rendering method, and now it looks like there's zero progress in that area too. All the bragging you've done about close cooperation with Blender has given us nothing. How about backing up your rhetoric with results?

In June I will be upgrading. For price vs performance in content creation your going to force me to get a 3080 when I'd rather have an AMD card since I have an AMD CPU.

Way to go Team Red.

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