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Adept II

Which laptop Radeon chips support OpenCL 2.0?

What the title says. Looking for a laptop with AMD graphics for work, and would prefer to have OpenCL 2.0 support coupled with GDDR5.

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Big Boss

To check OpenCL 2.0 driver supported products: AMD OpenCL™ 2.0 Driver

To check OpenCL 2.0 conformance products:

To check details of GPU products: List of AMD graphics processing units - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia



Thank. I already took a look at those before asking. The problem is, I don't trust that "driver support" list at all. That list is for products supported by the driver, not products which support OpenCL 2.0. For example the M270X is said to be supported, but the Wikipedia page says it's based on Cape Verde, which means it's CGN 1.0 and therefore unlikely to be supported. I couldn't find much info about Oland, so I don't know what that means in terms of CGN. The M295X is Tonga based, so probably supports 2.0, but I couldn't find a laptop using it.

Plus not all chips are on that Wikipedia list, the R7 M270 for example, which is in the Dell Inspiron 15 7000 (although it's a DDR3 card), or the M280X mentioned in the driver page, but perhaps that one doesn't even really exist. I also looked that the MD5 Checksums, System Requirements & Driver Compatibility linked from the APP SDK page, and that mentions "Radeon HD 8500M/8600M/8700M/8800M/8900M Series, AMD Radeon R5 M240" as OpenCL 2.0, but "Radeon HD 8500M/8600M/8700M/8800M/8900M" is one of these umbrellas which mean little in practice, and the R5 M240 is again not on that wiki page (not that it would be relevant; too weak). Plus the AMD page about Radeon R9 M200 chips is giving me an error.

Which is why I asked here. I'd love an answer from someone in the know, or from someone who has successfully run OpenCL 2.0 on a laptop.

Edit: I found that the Alienware 15 has an option for a Radeon M295X. Not precisely a work PC, but could be a solution.


Does that exist in any laptop? Looks like there's an iMac with it, but that's not much help.

We might end up buying an Alienware at some point, but for now we might get an R7 270 or R7 265. From some more googling it looks like the Wikipedia page is wrong and these aren't Oland based but Mars based, and GCN 1.1, which looks good for OpenCL. (On the down side, they are using DDR3.) Of course, that's again just what people think. I have no idea if that's true or not.

Edit: Other sites claim that Mars is just a renamed Oland and GCN 1.0.

Pity that AMD doesn't provide a list of supported chips that developers could readily use. How hard would it be to produce such a list?


You'll find the M290X in Dell Alienware and other high powered laptops - the one I'm using is a Eurocom X7 with 2 M290Xs. As of now OpenCL 2.0 is not supported by the driver but I suspect when they release the next OpenCL driver update it will finally make the list. 1.2 works on it and is quite good performance landing between 50% to 80% of the speed of an 7790 Ghz edition for my tasks.  It's got 150 Gig/sec memory bandwidth backed by GDDR5 and 20 compute units at 90 watts TDP.  Its double floating point performance sucks though.


Thanks, Jason. I'm sure all current cards support OpenCL 1.2. Looks like only GCN 1.1 cards and up support OpenCL 2.0 (see this), so the M290X will likely not get that support. My problem is that there's no accurate info what GCN version each AMD mobile chip has (desktop chips have enough enthusiast following that it's not hard to find this information for them). Some web searching does come up with information, but it's sometime conflicting and sometimes missing. I wish AMD made the information available.


Ah I did not see that post on that thread before - it is indeed very weird that it requires suitably new GCN... surely previous cards most do pretty much everything else and they should be able to cover up the rest with software/compilers IMO.... really they need to support 2.0 to start getting more on par with CUDA capabilities - 1.2 is workable but a PITA.

Also noted your link earlier for the AMD page for the chipset, it works you just have an additional http:// at the end of the URL.

Ultimately you're right about expressing distrust that individual cards will make the list.  There's alot of grey zone here and AMD is oddly not vocal on some problems...  I still don't understand why the M290X wasn't supported in the current driver - I'd have gotten alot of feedback to them if it was.  If you look at the wiki page here: List of AMD graphics processing units - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia you can see that the m265-M290X were all launched at the same time and according to  AMD OpenCL™ 2.0 Driver and we should expect them to all be in a tightly nit family.  So my money is on eventual support with the M290X and when it makes it I'll be posting a big "FINALLY + THANKS!".

ps.  The M290X is not supported with the utility amdconfig (despite amdccle working fine!) too - I really wonder why they shafed this card so much in support on both OCL 2.0 on the beta driver and that important utility... yet the drivers work fine.

The link is the way I got it on the AMD site, when navigating through the menu. I didn't notice the http at the end. Thanks for solving that.


I personnally own a Toshiba Satellite L50-B-1HU which has a R7M260 Topaz chip. This chip is kind of mysterious, but seems to be GCN 1.2, DirectX12.

It may be a cheap candidate for you.