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Adept I

OpenCL compiler bugs

I can trigger 3  bugs in the OpenCL compiler for which I can supply code:

  • The compiler crashes in case of infinite loop and "-cl-opt-disable". Just put a goto and it segfaults.
  • The compiler from ~2011:

$ md5sum


is 30% faster on a piece of code (when "-cl-opt-disable" is given) than the new compiler (with or without the "-cl-opt-disable"):

$ md5sum


  • The OpenCL compiler miscompiles a piece of code. I know people at this point stop reading, but I know what I am talking about. I have wrestled with a bug in gcc before (and had it reported&confirmed&fixed). It is a miscompiled, it's easy to check and verify.

I have separate codes that triggers every one of these. Unfortunately, it's not public code, but I would be happy to share them with any AMD developer. I have been using the old compiler from 2011 for some while, but it crashes when compiling for 7970's, so I am forced to use 7d2a234f375 (13.4), but that miscompiles, so I am in a deadlock. I would really appreciate if the miscompilation issue would be fixed. I think it's very little to ask, to be honest.

3 Replies

Thanks for sharing your views.

1. I will probably try to check it myself. In case you know more specific situation for this bug, let us know.

2. Can you tell the catalyst version of the 2011 driver that is 30% faster than 13.4. also for what application is it that fast? Can you share some repro-case.

3. Again, I have seen many similar wrong compilation issues with 13.4. Can you check with 12.10 driver here? Also a repro-case would be helpful in fixing the invalid compilation. Probably you can send the testcase via private messages. I will add you as friend.


I have sent you a private message. Please check.

Do you still observe these issues?  If so, could you provide us with the testcase(s)?