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Not a happy camper

I searched for updates for my graphics card (Sapphire R9 280X Vapor-X OC) as I normally do and saw that there was one available.

Stupidly I downloaded and installed it.

It took me many hours (over many days) to configure my monitor (ASUS PB287Q) just right.

Now after installing this update, my monitor looks dreadful.

I feel jerked around because I should have been made aware of the fact that this was not just another update (which would retain my settings) but rather a completely new application which would decide what settings I would like.

Well the fact of the matter is that I don't - at all.

I now have to go through the whole process of getting my monitor just right all over again.

I am incredibly angry. The thing is that I am autistic (Asperger's) and perhaps normals would not be as enraged as I when their painstakingly configured monitor now looks completely wrong in every respect.

The colours, brightness, contrast, and gamma are totally screwed up from my perspective. The screen fonts look subtly wrong as well which is particularly annoying because I do a lot of reading and writing on my computer.

I am angered to the point that I am beyond cursing. It is lucky that nobody responsible for this is within my physical reach.

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Journeyman III

i can feel with you

i always saw the catalyst Software as a sort of extra gimmik waisting ressources

now from out of nowhere i encountered multiple BSOD with my windows 8.1-64x even without making any changes i would be aware of.

So i installed 'new drivers' the way it was offered, just to find a couple of new unwanted functionalities aside of just new drivers.

I'm already fed up with this sort of functionality from NVIDIA since their latest drivers too often collapsed, so i entirely phased out every NVIDIA GFX to

install the 'Catalyst experience'  which worked fine for me for some years

Now having a multimonitor setup with few games installed i'm completly clueless what this crimson app is  actually doing aside of having

me connected to whatever 'community' i never asked to be part of, and having my latest X-minutes of Gameplay already half way uploaded

somewhere what i also don't want.

If you have difficulties with specific handicaps, rest assured that me as a normal user is having lost complete oversight in this all brandnew

experience i have not asked to be part of.

its just terrible

I had to setup my monitors SEVERAL times, and i still crash my beloved Games while i play them.

'just new drivers...'  well THANKS FOR THAT

as i said .. i expected a 'NEW DRIVER'   and not this sort of ghosts currently plagueing my computers

The whole thing about these new features and how they were introduced installed and had to be accepted was WORSE to the point that i think about

rigging the next set of machines with alternative hardware.