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Journeyman III

Mobility Radeon HD 3870 X2 Crossfire not working


I have a Alienware M17-R1. The Book have a Intel Core2Duo Q9300 QuadCore CPU, 8 GB RAM, 2 SSD OCZ 128 MB in Raid0 and a 3870 X2.

When i disable the Crossfire (disconnect the CF-Cable), the Alien works very fine. But when CF is enabled, i have many Problems.

When i start an non-CF 3D Game, the atieclxx.exe (a part of the driver) eats continually eating my RAM. In some minutes the exe is some GB big and they use

30-99% CPU-Power. So the Game is crashing. When in kill all AMD-Services, non CF-Games works fine. But when i restart the AMD-Services, my screen freezes.

The Crossfire-Games need the AMD Services. But i have to kill the atieclxx.exe. If i do not, Crossfire is disabled. When i close the CF-Game and start a other CF- or Non-CF-

Game, my screen freezes. I have to restart the atieclxx.exe (and instantly the eat the RAM and the CPU) and kill them again. So i can start a new CF-Game but no non-CF-Game. (cause i have to kill all AMD Services)

Note: When i will play a CF-Game after a non-CF Game, i have to reboot my mashine, cause i cant restart the AMD Services.

So now i have a new problem.  When I start a CF-Game and CF is working, i can play some seconds and then the game is lags extremly. After some seconds the Game works normal but,

the Crossfire is off. Only one Card works. I see it at the FPS.

I think my slave card is damaged. But a new slve card is very expensive. So i hope someone is knowing the problem and will say that this all is a software or driver problem.

I used some old driver, the 13.1 and now the 13.4Beta. I i have install the newest CAP-File with all driver.

Please helps me! I love this Book, i paint it with pink varnish, its a very special artwork.

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