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Journeyman III

Is it possible to use AMD OpenGL ES SDK, and OpenCL APP sdk in the same aplication

Hello dear Sir or Madam,

I have problem with using AMD Opencl and OpenGL ES sdk in the same time.

I have application wich uses OpenGL ES for rendering and OpenCL for computation,

If I use OpenGL ES emulator lib of some of mobile vendors, and AMD OpenCL lib, application works fine.

But then I  use Amd OpenGL lib I have problems. If OpenCL api call are not made in application, AMD OpenGLES works well,

but if I call any OpenCL api function,  AMD OpenGLES works not well.

Is it possible some how to make them work togaver?

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Can you check whether "cl_khr_gl_sharing" extension is supported? If it is there then sharing of memory objects between OpenGL/OpenGL ES and OpenCL should work.

Can you also report what error you are getting when you are trying to use OpenGL ES and OpenCL together?



I am not using any interops. I want to use cl and gl es separatly.

First at all I am using c++ OpenCL interface, and It is rather treaky to use in with opengl es lib,

cl.hpp includes openGL.lib(it includes gl.h), and it conflicts with opengl es lib(They have the same functions)

I removed gl.h from cl.hpp, I fixed this problem using gles headers and made it work.

The problem is that if I comment any opencl usage in my project, opengl es without opencl works okay.

But if I make any opencl call(for example queue platforms), opengl es programs become invalid, or corrupted.

I am trying to modify opengl es programs uniforms, but have error that there is no such uniform in program.



Without interop, there is no way to use gl/gl es and cl in same application.

What do you mean by " I want to use cl and gl es separatly" ?

As per your post, i understand that you have an application which uses OpenGl for graphics rendering and OpenCL for computation. If this the case, then you can have a look over SimpleGL sample from AMD APP SDK which is an example of cl/gl interop (say for example doing graphics rendering using OpenGL and computation using OpenCL). The same should also work for cl and gl es. together.

If you want to have look of OpenGL along with C++ binding of OpenCL, you can look over URNGNoiseGL sample from same app sdk.




     Desctop gl works fine, but the problem is in gles sdk, amd have separate sdk with gles libs, and this libs conflicts with opencl amd libs.

I can use qualcomm opengl es lib with amd opencl lib. the project works fine, but if I use libs from amd opengl es sdk, I have problems.

It  seems that amd opengl es sdk  lib some how interacts with opencl lib in amd driver.

     Unfortunatly in this forum there is no opengl es sdk topic.This question should be placed there.

     Is there is some way to ask opengl es sdk guys about this problem?



The Graphics Programming forum might provide additional information on this issue.  I will move the question to that forum.