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Journeyman III

Genlock over RJ45 port (S400)


We are trying to synchronize/genlock two PCs each equipped with one FirePro V7800 and S400 sync module. One PC is acting as a "Master" PC. It receives a stable 60 Hz Signal via the BNC port of its S400 sync modul. The first display of the "Master" V7800 is genlocked to this signal. The "Master" PC shall transfer the 60 Hz signal via one of the RJ45 ports to the "Slave" PC so that its first display of the V7800 can be genlocked to the same signal. We can configure both PCs via the "CatalystControlCenter" without any problems to that configuration. If we want to implement the same functionality in our own software we are facing the following problem:

On the "Slave" we are trying to get the number of SyncConnectors with the function:

ADL_Workstation_AdapterNumOfGLSyncConnectors_Get(index, &count)

The retun value of this function is ADL_OK. The "count" value is always 1 (one) instead of a expected value of 3. (1x BNC, 2x RJ45).

Because we thougt that this might be a bug in the SDK we try to read out the status of the first RJ45 port via:


with the desired adapter index and the desired port type. This function returns an ADL_ERR error code and we are not sure why.

Do you know what might go wrong and can you give us an advice in which sequence we have to call which functions to genlock both display of both PCs?

Thank you very much for your help,


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Hi Michael,

the function ADL_Workstation_AdapterNumOfGLSyncConnectors_Get(index, &count) actually returns the number of connectors between the GPU and the S400 board. Current GPUs have only 1 connector that is why this function always returns 1.

To get the state of a port you should use the constants: ADL_GLSYNC_PORT_BNC, ADL_GLSYNC_PORT_RJ45PORT1 or ADL_GLSYNC_PORT_RJ45PORT2

your call would look like:

ADL_Workstation_GLSyncPortState_Get(uiAdapterId, 0, ADL_GLSYNC_PORT_RJ45PORT1, 0, &m_adlGLSyncPortInfo, &pLEDs)

As uiAdapterId you can take any AdapterId from the GPU connected to the S400.

To genlock both displays on a gpu, you first need to enumerate all adapters and display. Then you will have for each display an AdapterId and a DisplayId (ADLDisplayInfo.displayID.iDisplayLogicalIndex) using those you can apply the following commands to genlock the display.

For the TimingServer you need first to configure the BNC as signal source (of course only if you use a house sync):

ADLGLSyncGenlockConfig adlGlSyncGenlockConfig;

memset(&adlGlSyncGenlockConfig, 0, sizeof(ADLGLSyncGenlockConfig));

adlGlSyncGenlockConfig.iSignalSource =ADL_GLSYNC_SIGNALSOURCE_BNCPORT;

ADL_Workstation_GLSyncGenlockConfiguration_Set(AdapterId, 0, adlGlSyncGenlockConfig)

Then you configure one display as TimingServer:

ADLGLSyncMode mode;


ADL_Workstation_DisplayGLSyncMode_Set(AdapterId, DisplayId, mode);

For the TiminClient:

ADLGLSyncMode mode;


ADL_Workstation_DisplayGLSyncMode_Set(AdapterId, DisplayId, mode);

Before applying the mode it might be a good idea to check if genlock is allowed by calling:

ADL_Workstation_DisplayGLSyncMode_Get(AdapterId, DisplayId, &mode)


.. Apply genlock

If you have multiple monitors connected to one GPU the monitors need to be identical in order to get genlocked. If they are not you can genlock one bit then the other monitor is no longer allowed to be genlocked. Monitors that are connected to different GPUs do not need to be identical.