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Journeyman III


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I recently copied a dvd and noticed during the preamble that two versions of the film were offered; Angle 1 and angle 2. My question: what does this mean? I selected the angle 1 and the result seemed ok.


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Journeyman III

Some DVDs offer tons of bonus content which often includes the ability to watch the film from a perspective other than what you see in the final production.

Usualy "Angle 1" is the original with all the others being others not included in the original.  I don't find this to be particularly useful myself as the diretor usually chooses the best angle anyway.

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DVD, also known as "Digital Versatile Disc" or "Digital Video Disc", is an optical disc storage media format. Its main uses are video and data storage. DVDs are of the same dimensions as compact discs (CDs) but store more than six times as much data.

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