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Journeyman III

[beginner's question] where are the OpenGL libraries and headers?

so I wanted to start compiling/linking an OpenGL program (it's actually the current QT package)
- for compiling I need the OpenGL headers
- for linking I need the static libraries

where can I find any of those?

(the OpenGL standard headers I already downloaded from - but those do not contain any ATI specific extensions)

I am aware of this 'ninja' demo program that demonstrate the use of h/w accelerated OpenGL rendering via 'LoadLibrary/GetProgAddress'
-- this hopefully is only a bad joke!?
-- I need static libraries which I can use at link time to resolve the OpenGL functions!
-- furthermore: this LoadLibrary workaround does not function when compiled in x64 mode (the loaded 'atioglxx.dll' is only available as a 32bit version)

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first you dont want OpenGL ES but normal OpenGL.

so download glext.h headers here

and for that bad with loadlibrary/getprocaddress is thanks to Microsoft. on linux you have one lib which you can dynamicaly link without issue.

use GLEW which do all that loadlibryry for you. you jst need call one glewInit() at start of the program and you have all OpenGL functions. (if you use GLEW dont include glext.h explicitly


actually I *DO* want OpenGL ES 2.0

-- As announced this is h/w supported by modern ATI graphics cards and recent catalyst driver

...and what about the missing 64bit libraries? - or does GLEW also solve this automatically?


yes it should solve missing 64bit as you link against GLEW lib which contains all OpenGL functions symbols.

and normal OpenGL is now superset of OpenGL ES and you still use OpenGL not ES. and new combatibilty with ES is becasue OpenGL 4.1 (or even 4.0? not sure) add few missing bits of ES funcionality. for example precision qualifiers wasnt part of classic OpenGL.


but this GLEW thing is only a wrapper for pure OpenGL and not yet neither for OpenGL ES 2.0 nor EGL which I also need...


appart from that: where can I find the most recent OpenGl header files that declare also the most recent gl Prototypes?
-- the Radeon SDK is over 3 years old right now, thus missing a lot... 


but you can't get OpenGL ES on PC.

just download GLEW and you will get most recent headers files.


that's nonsense

- the current ATI desktop grafic-cards actually do support EGL/ES 2.0, just read the announcements!


and for glew: reading their roadmap plans, they actually also see the needs to include EGL/ES 2.0 into glew - so if there wasn't such a need, they probably never thought of this...

but I wanted that now
(btw: I don't need that anymore - that was some wrong Qt configuration issue which is solved now)