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Journeyman III

AMD has added support for Firepro Mobility (Update)

From release notes of 8.773.1.1 workstation driver, AMD has added support for Firepro Mobility cards. To be a mobility user, this is a great news.

However when I download it, it doesnt work. I checked INF file, there is no any of the mobility firepro cards on the list. I phoned ATI firepro team, they said they gonna investigate it.

Anyone knows how can I install the driver, I tried to add my cards info on the INF list but doest work.

Update: AMD released the new link for mobility firepro (but no SDK)

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What laptop are you using?  I just installed 8.773.1.1 with no problems onto an HP Elitebook 8540w.  Not all laptop GPUs are supported.

Allen Bourgoyne

Advanced Micro Devices

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I am using Dell Precision M6500 with M7820. It works fine with me but lack of SDK and Performance Plugin