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Enabling DASH in HP Bios using HP's Bios Configuration Utility

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   1. Download Bios Configuration Utility from the link below:

   2. Once installed the exe file can be found in “C:\Program Files (x86) \HP\BIOS Configuration Utility.

   3. Open the path in command prompt 

   4. To Fetch the current bios configuration, use the below command


   5. Once the .txt file is generated, one can see the bios settings in the file.

   6. Grep for” AMD DASH” and to make changes update the field with *Enable (enable DASH) or *Disable (Disable          DASH).

         Example: AMD DASH

   7. Once the settings are modified, execute below command for changes to get reflected:


   8. Reboot the system for changes to get reflected.

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