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DASH CLI 3.0 Release Announcement

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A new release of DASH CLI 3.0 is now available.


The DASH CLI is a command line application used to perform out of band management tasks (power management, asset inventory, alerts, etc.) using DMTF DASH specifications.


New features in 3.0 release are:

  • Improved security and application performance
  • Support for enumeration for the following DASH profiles:
    • Indicator LED
    • IP Configuration
    • Media Redirection
    • PCI Device
    • Physical Computer System View
    • Platform Watchdog
    • Service Processor
  • Support for ‘Next Single Use Boot’ configuration in Boot Control Profile


The release note is attached, which provide more information on this release and the history of releases. 

Visit to download the latest software. 

For any queries, write a mail to

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