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Using DASH WakeUp in AMPS

Using DASH WakeUp in AMPS

AMPS is a plugin for Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager. AMPS adds out-of-band DASH functionality and complements the in-band manageability features of Configuration Manager. DASH WakeUp is a feature of AMPS which enables to power on the system at any scheduled time. DASH WakeUp is built over DASH specification.

The WOL (Wake-On-LAN) is an Ethernet standard which aims to send a special network packet to power on systems on the network. WOL works at the lower layer of network stack while DASH WakeUp is an application. WOL is either broadcast or multicast message, but DASH WakeUp is an authenticated message directed at a specific DASH system. DASH WakeUp is guaranteed to power on the remote system.

In AMPS 4.2, DASH WakeUp can be enabled in DASH Configuration window. 'DASH Configuration' can be opened by navigating to 'Administration\Overview\DASH Management\DASH Configuration’ and clicking on 'Properties'. Ensure 'DASH Wakeup' option is checked.


While software package deployment, to use DASH WakeUp feature, ensure 'Send wake-up packets' option is checked.


DASH WakeUp can also be used in Collection 'Power Management'. Open Collection properties and in Power Management tab, ensure 'Wakeup time' option is checked.


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