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Driver Booster 5 Offering Incorrect Driver Updates To Legacy Products

Question asked by couchornament on Nov 22, 2017
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So, I've been in a back and forth with the folks over at iObit because their Driver Booster 5 (and other) software is erroneously offering updates to a few of my customers' machines with legacy AMD products. The GPUs in these machines are the Radeon R5 235X R5 230 and HD 8650G with varying hardware setups. Of course their software is trying to update these with the latest drivers, and that sends the systems into "limp" mode, where they cannot use the discreet counterpart (if APU+Discreet) or reverting to Basic Device/No Driver Installed, if only a discreet. They keep sending me to the page for the Non D/G variant instead of the correct one, to prove they're correct. These guys are literally forcing people to update the machines to the wrong drivers, causing machine issues, and making AMD drivers look bad.


Basically what I need, is confirmation in this thread from an actual AMD representative/engineer that the AMD Radeon™ R5 235X, Radeon™ R5 235, Radeon™ R5 230, Radeon™ R5 220, Radeon™ HD 8470, Radeon™ HD 8350, Radeon™ HD 8000 (D/G variants), Radeon™ HD 7000 Series (HD 7600 and below), Radeon™ HD 6000 Series, and Radeon™ HD 5000 Series Graphics, have all been moved to legacy status and do not receive updates. That the new drivers do not contain information for those GPUs and that installing the new drivers on systems with those GPUs can cause errors.


Yes I know this information is easily found elsewhere on the web, but their "techs" seem to be idiots. Correct and FINAL driver is: Legacy


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