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    Need for Speed Most Wanted (2012) driver crash in fullscreen


      According to event viewer, amdkmdap stops responding. (by the looks of it, game doesn't crash in window, and doesn't have other strange issues that it has in fullscreen, in fullscreen if you go to graphics options, game starts to lag ~10fps, if you change resolution (and still on fullscreen) game gets weird, if you alttab or alt enter to change to windowed mode, game works fine, no slowdown in graphics menu, no weird resolution change bug, no driver crash)


      PC specs:

      i5-4690k @ stock

      16GB RAM

      Sapphire Nitro RX480 8GB


      PS.: According to a post here on AMD forum, last working driver is 16.11.5 (before relive) Stability Issues with Crimson Relive on a MSI RX 480 Gaming X 8 GB