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1600X overheating in ONE game? Stock on water.

Question asked by reylegh on Jul 13, 2017
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my 1600X keeps overheating in metro last light redux. In all stress tests I am barely crossing 71 degrees, but in that one particular game the PC did even shut down cause of the heat reaching over 85+ on CPU. The CPU was overclocked stable to 4GHz, but for testing this one case I returned to stock and the problem is the same.


Is anyone here aware of a problem with that one game that could cause this?


16GB DDR4 2933MHzMSI x370 krait gaming
1080ti Asus Strix OC
2 inhaling 1400mm 750rpm fans
1 exhaling 1000rpm 120mm fan
1 cooler with exhale 1800rpm 120mm fan