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    Please AMD Release better drivers for Battlefield 1



      i know i have mentioned this a hundred times now but we really need better driver support for BF1.


      I borrowed my nephews GTX 960 to determine if my FPS drops and stuttering in DX12 mode was game related or a driver issue.

      And guess what the game runs fine with that GPU no stuttering at all with the GTX 960.

      Please release a fix or at least advise us what driver doesn't have issues with DX12.

      I know BF1 has issues, but i am know i am certain the micro stuttering and FPS drops are driver related or a AMD issue. BF1 is the biggest game right now and we the consumers need better driver support.

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          May I know which AMD GPU you are using with low FPS and Stuttering? Are you using a AMD Legacy GPU?

          I am using the Asus Strix R9 390. No problem on above.

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            Although I know frustrating to deal with these issues, it wasn't a driver side problem. There were optimizations on the side of DICE that simply hadn't been pushed through due to the way they prefer to release "massive" updates every few weeks instead of updates in smaller increments. On a positive note, DICE finally released said patch today, so update Battlefield 1, launch the game and see if the problem still persists, which it shouldn't.


            Here's the complete release notes of this most recent patch below.





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              We’re excited to share with you the Battlefield 1 Fall Update. The below changes are for all platforms unless specifically noted.
            You can view the notes below, or review them via PDF here.
            Going forward we are addressing the balance issues with the Operations game mode. It’s clear that attackers need a boost. To increase the effectiveness of the attacking team, we are increasing the overall tickets for both Operations & Grand Operations. In addition, we are also making it somewhat easier to capture sectors as an attacker by reducing the amount of time it takes to capture a flags in Operations & Grand Operations. We’ve also increased the minimum tickets regained in grand operations to from 30 to 50, as well as increased the amount of tickets regained from killing retreating defenders. This will give more of a fighting chance to capture the next sector after previously capturing a sector while having very few tickets left.


            64 player
            • Increase attacker maximum tickets from 150 to 250
            • Increased the amount of tickets regained from killing retreating defenders after capturing a sector from 2 to 3.
            • Increased the amount of minimum ticket regained when capturing a sector in 64p Operations from 30 to 50.
            • Slightly reduced the time it takes to capture flags.
            40 player
            • Increase attacker maximum tickets to 200 from 150
            • Increased the amount of tickets regained from killing retreating defenders after capturing a sector from 2 to 3.
            • Slightly reduced the time it takes to capture flags.
            CONQUEST CHANGES: We’ve listened to your feedback in regards to the Suez Conquest layout in regards to balance. We will be adding two more flags to the layout, this should result in one team not being able to capture and lock down all flags as easy as before. In addition, we also noticed that it was very difficult to re-capture flags within the capture areas located in the village areas. To solve this we’ve reduced the capture size of these areas to include less buildings. The result of this should make the flags somewhat easier to capture and make sure that a team that has lost and been pushed out of the villages can easier re-capture them and get back into the fight. In addition, to help a team that has been pushed back all the way to their HQ, we’ve added an armored car that players can use to break out of the HQ and flank the opposing team.
            • Added two additional flags on the Suez map, giving it a total of 5 flags.
            • Added 1 armored car for either team to spawn in their HQ.
            • Reduced the size of the capture volumes on the flags located in the villages, old A & B flag. This is to reduce the amount of building interiors located within the capture area. The change should result in the flags being easier to capture.
            • You can customize your soldier from within the UI by selecting either the icon on Home or on Soldier
            • If the squad leader ignores requests for orders the leadership is transferred to another member of the squad.
            • When a squad member requests an order (and there is no active squad order), the requesting player is added to the want-to-be-leader queue for that squad and a 60 seconds timer starts (the timer is not reset if there are other squad members waiting in the queue already).
            • When the 60 seconds pass, the first member in the squad queue (the one who requested order earliest) is promoted as a squad leader. If there are other members in the queue after him, the timer is automatically reset to 60 seconds and if the new leader doesn't give orders over that period either, then the next waiting in line is promoted and so on.
            • If the current squad leader issues an order, then the queue for the squad is cleared.
            • Equal weather in Rush. Now uses same weather sequence and trigger conditions for both rounds in a match
            • Changed default player count of operations to 64 from 40
            • Made the pigeon visible from a longer distance in the War Pigeon game mode
            • You can purchase Battlepacks in the Get Battlepacks menu
            • Two new tabs have been added to the store: RSP and Battlepacks
            • You can rent a server via the RSP tab
            • You can buy Battlepacks in the Store - COMING SOON!
            • You can join Custom Games from Multiplayer
            • The Quit button is now available at any given time when in the End of Round
            • Added tutorial videos describing each gamemode that can be rewatched in Quickmatch
            • Squad XP boost has been added, you may receive this item when opening a Battlepack
            • Prone soldiers can no longer be pushed by other friendly soldiers
            • Fix so both teams have the correct motorcycles in Conquest on Sinai Desert
            • Added minimum resolution scale when dynamically scaling
            • Fix for some environments causing unsmooth killcam experience
            • Fix for elite class dog tag not being unlocked correctly
            • Fix for graphical issue while ADS with various weapons on multi monitor setup
            • Fixed respawning issues on auto-spawning vehicles in Operations. E.g. missing defender torpedo boat on Empire's Edge
            • Fixed any issue with the cloth popping when ragdoll settles
            • Repair tools can now damage the Fortress Gun
            • No longer playing foot plant VFX when prone
            • Fixed an issue on Amiens where a player could fall through the level if exiting a light tank next to the Mark 5 wreck.
            • Scout spotting flares did not work if the player died and airplane spotting flares did not work if the player exited the vehicle, this has now been fixed.
            • Added ground collision on capture flags
            • Fixed so soldier collision does not block pigeon release
            • Improved TAA on PS4 and Xbox One
            • Fix for soldiers running on terrain with the wrong angle.
            • Fix for an issue where a player could be catapulted if moving while proning between two structures
            • You will no longer get points for destroying your team's Behemoth
            • Fix for battle summary logic being broken if the player died right before the operation ends.
            • Fixed an issue where a horse could die in mid sector transition if it didn't have a rider and was out of bounds
            • Fix for an issue that could cause incorrect aiming while on the horse
            • Fixed so writing message sound is not started when picking up a pigeon with fully written message
            • Fix for black bar on the side of the screen when equipping gas mask
            • Fixed capture point flags not matching the actual state of the capture point for late joiner
            • Fix for extreme weather desync between players after rejoining server
            • Fix for missing score when attacking a Behemoth
            • Fix for fire damage being canceled if the player got damaged by barbed-wire fence
            • Fix for incorrect number of vehicles for each team at the start of a Conquest round
            • Several localization fixes
            • Removed invisible collision behind the horse
            • The syringe's damage now scales with how long the player has held down the button
            • Players can no longer switch teams near end of round
            • Several CPU optimizations
            • Several DX12 optimizations
            • Weapon reloading is now aborted when climbing ladders
            • Fixed 3p animations for the horse
            • Fixed an issue where a player could be thrown up in the air when approaching the top of a ladder
            • Fixed so soldiers in stationary weapons can be road killed
            • Fixes for several DX12 crashes
            • Fixes for several client crashes
            • Fixed flame thrower visual artifacts when using flame thrower in tunnels and under terrain
            • Critical gameplay hints will now show 3 times in Multiplayer and then never again
            • Fix for several video crashes related to window size, hardware detection, and multiple monitors.
            • Fix for squad orders not being reset between rounds in Operations
            • Fixed issue with toggle ADS setting in combination with toggle sprint setting. If a sprinting soldier triggered ADS it would immediately exit both sprint and ADS after starting the ADS animation
            • Fixed an issue where the scroll wheel would rotate the view after disabling raw mouse input
            • Fixed an issue where the horse would not take damage from gas grenades, incendiary grenades and debris.
            • Fix for end of round transition not always triggering correctly when dead
            • Artillery shell stacks now deal damage corresponding to their FX radius
            • Slightly lowered the loading times between maps
            • Fix for an issue where the player could spawn in with the wrong kit. E.g. tanker kit when spawning in an airplane
            • Fixed an issue in Operations where a player joining their party leader to a different map would end up with a black screen after opening the in-game menu
            • General performance improvements related to edge models
            • Fix for players sometimes skipping levels in class rank progression
            • Fixed so all vehicles are available during pre-round ready phase
            • Fixed an issue where destroyed buildings would severely affect CPU performance resulting in low frame rates
            • Fixed a faulty 3p soldier animation related to entering and exiting a vehicle
            • Fixed and issue where the end of operation screens could be displayed over the deploy screen if the player died right before the operation ended.
            • Fixed an issue where the player could lose control over vehicles after opening Origin overlay two times
            • Fix issue with emblems being able to color the entire character
            • Fix for players not being able to switch team in TDM
            • Fixed a problem where a player on a horse could get stuck in the debris after the mountain bridge on Sinai Desert collapses
            • Fixed an issue where underwater VFX would trigger when taking damage above water
            • Squads are no longer auto locked if less than three players join a server as a party.
            • Fix for an issue where if a player accepted a friend’s invitation to a full server the player would be stuck in the lobby with "reserving slot" message
            • Fixed an issue where the game would freeze when entering certain parts of the UI
            • Fixed an issue where your in-game rank and the one in the UI were not the same
            • Fixed a couple of issues related to the wrong items being highlighted in the UI
            • Fixed an issue where you could not scrap puzzle pieces
            • Fixed an issue where the vehicle stats would not update
            • Fixed an issue when trying to "Quickmatch" for the second time
            • Fixed an issue where you could not open the pause menu after joining another round
            • PC: Fixed an issue where you could not see all the party members
            • PC: Fixed an issue where you would get multiple dialogs when deleting a filter
            • PC: Players can now disable aim assist for controllers
            • PS4: Fixed an issue where joining on a friend that is already in the same party and on the same server would result in the player being stuck in a hang state
            • PS4: Fix for "Decorated" trophy not being awarded correctly
            • Xbox One: Fixed an issue where a bad rep player is not taken into party and the gamercard disappears form Com Center after accepting a party invite
            • Xbox One: Fix for bad reputation users being able to communicate with non-friend users when in the same squad in online modes
            • Xbox One: Fix for a crash to the Xbox Home screen after attempting to join a game session via the Xbox One Guide whilst the title is suspended on the main menu
            • Xbox One: Fixed an issue where users could get stuck in an endless loading loop when attempting to return to the main menu from the Campaign screen following an Xbox profile sign-in change during suspended state.
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              • Fixed terrain destruction depth issues on Monte Grappa and Empire's Edge.
              • Several fixes for floating props on all maps.
              • Tweaked combat areas on Empire's Edge and Monte Grappa, players can no longer access backdrop assets.
              • Fixed several spawn point issues for War Pigeon.
              • Tweaked the spawn points for planes on Empire's Edge, Operations to be less vulnerable to the Behemoth.
              • Fixes for artefacts in the water material on Suez.
              • Adjusted the terrain on several maps to avoid terrain gaps.
              • Fixed several erroneous collision volumes on all maps (“invisible walls”).
              • Fixed graphical artefacts on Ballroom Blitz pond water.
              • Reduced sun flare intensity on Suez and Ballroom Blitz.
              • Removed seam in sky texture on Ballroom Blitz.
              • Fixed several objects causing vaulting problems.
              • Fires on the ground on Amiens now deals damage to players.
              • Removed Heavy Machine Gun near flag G (conquest) on Empire's Edge.
              • Fix for client/server desync problem allowing players to be shot through the bunker double doors on Monte Grappa.
              • Several minor graphical fixes.

              • No longer drawing vehicles or horses with 0 health on the minimap.
              • Minimap size option now resets correctly when selecting Reset.
              • Changed title in minimap options from HUD to minimap.
              • Fixed interaction prompt buttons not showing correctly for all vehicle kits.
              • Nametag of local player in squad selection screen is now correctly orange.
              • Fixed several spelling errors.
              • Fixed several overlapping texts.
              • Fix for poor performance in the calibration screen.
              • Train Behemoth icon now have the correct red color for the enemy team.
              • Updated weapon images shown in Battlepacks.
              • Updated the join/leave in squad screen.
              • Fixed an issue where the wrong weapon and skin could be displayed in the squad screen.
              • Fixed pre-round timer sometimes showing two timers above each other.
              • Fixed a bug where "Under fire" would show up in the deploy screen for non-highlighted squad members.
              • Fix for score log showing incorrect icons.
              • Fixed tooltips for vehicle functions not showing for some vehicles.
              • Fix for flag capture visual element not showing properly in all cases.
              • Fixed erroneous kill bonus score for incendiary grenade.
              • Fix for showing the wrong amount of collected awards at the end of an Operation.
              • Added hints for both teams in Operations on what to do when a sector falls.
              • Fix for an issue where the HUD could be visible on screen while transitioning to globe.
              • Removed order UI in deploy screen and replaced it with an order marker on the objective.
              • Fix for squad and team revive colors being switched.
              • Fixed death icon jitters on the deploy screen and minimap.
              • No longer shows the soldier crouch/prone icon when in vehicle.
              • Fix for incorrect ammunition amount displayed in weapon customization for the Lawrence of Arabia SMLE.
              • Fixed so weapon skin option is visible in weapon customization screen even if the player hasn’t unlocked any skins.
              • Added visible stats for the Villar Perosa.
              • Solved problem with overlapping screen when end of round is triggered when the players is watching intro movie.
              • Added missing front line visuals on globe for Operation Kaiserschlacht, Conquer Hell and Iron Walls.
              • Adding an option to filter the kill log in the HUD. You can now choose to show all, squad, self or nearby.
              • HUD - Attack/Defend Order Complete is now correctly green.
              • Fix for wrong squad being selected in the squad screen.
              • Fixed an issue where the background would turn black when in the pause menu.
              • Fixed an issue where your tracked medal would not show up correctly in the pause menu.
              • PS4: Fix for missing highlight in Options sub-menu.
              • Xbox One: Fix for distorted fonts.
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                Problem is still there massive stuttering on DX12, i am certain its a driver issue doesn't happen on the GTX 960 i borrowed,

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                    Same here with my RX480's.  Crossfire is even worse (DX11 or 12)

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                      Hey jakslap,


                      The reason you are more than likely encountering "stuttering" is due to your lack of available usable memory. Although Battlefield 1 scales memory usage based on the end users available resources, there's only so much optimization that DICE can perform to attain the same quality with a lower amount of memory on the users system without stuttering being prevalent.


                      This stuttering effect is caused by the game engine being forced to stream data from the storage media on a more regular basis when the end user lacks 16GB or higher of dual channel memory.




                      User #1: User with 8GB of memory will see 3.5-3.7GB of memory usage.

                      User #2: User with 16GB of memory will see 6.7-9GB of memory usage.

                      User #3: User with 32GB of memory will see 9.3-11GB of memory usage.


                      When looking at reported claims of stuttering, more users than not possess 8GB of system memory running in single channel mode. So although it pains me to say this, you need to upgrade your memory for an optimal experience in Battlefield 1 and will require 16GB or more for most new releases in the future. The days of 8GB of system memory being the "sweet spot" have come to pass.


                      Now in regards to AMD GPU's in DX12 mode experiencing issues. I cannot reproduce these same issues and have tried on multiple occasions to do so. This simply leads me to believe that there is a connection between users experiencing these issues, but without having the ability to troubleshoot each persons issue and make the connection as to what is causing this for them across the board, it makes it difficult to determine what's causing this for them personally. Yet, I personally haven't had any issues whatsoever in DX12 mode and have experienced nothing, but substantial gains using the DX12 API in Battlefield 1.


                      On a single R9 290x in DX12 mode, I'm getting (102FPS Peak, 88FPS Average and 79FPS Low) with everything set to ultra with a rendering resolution of 130, all without stuttering. Now, although my GPU's are heavily overclocked, overclocking alone wouldn't have anything to do with removing stuttering all together. Now, perhaps there's an issue with users power saving settings within Windows or even their registry creating the issue. So with that being said, are you using any overclocking applications and if so, have you disabled the systems ultra low power state yet as a troubleshooting measure? Although this is usually only a solution for Crossfire users like myself, there have been occasions that disabling ULPS and disabling "power play" solves single GPU users issues. So if you're familiar with disabling ULPS via the registry (not afterburner) and then disabling "power play" via afterburner, perhaps you might want to give that a shot to see if it corrects the issue.

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                          OK i will give that a shot

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                            Your thoughts on "shader cache" re flicker/stutter issues (mine optimized, no flick/stut.) ?..

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                              i don't believe you, everybody else is reporting stutter in DX12, both Nvidia and AMD users


                              My guess is that you are running vsync off, which means you always see stutter in your games, since your frame rate is never synced with your refresh rate.

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                                  Hey thwomp,


                                  Firstly, you have to keep in mind that I'm not an average user by any stretch of the imagination. Secondly, I have no reason to falsify information, nor claims of the performance I receive for Battlefield 1 or any other title. I'm a volunteer technician here in the AMD community support forums, not a paid employee of Advanced Micro Devices. With that being said, I receive no benefit from making such claims other than to express the performance I am currently receiving for the purpose of forthrightness when conversing or troubleshooting someone's issue at hand.


                                  The optimization techniques I deploy on systems are completely thorough, but are very much so available to the general public pending they have the knowledge to perform and maintain such actions. Yet, with that being said an immensely large portion of the general pc community simply doesn't possess the ability to properly maintain their systems in such a manner, which is perfectly understandable, but factual nonetheless.


                                  So, when I state that I am not currently experiencing these issues, I'm not. I'm here to help, not to unnecessarily mislead users and such a claim is insulting.


                                  Now in regards to this statement you made above "My guess is that you are running vsync off, which means you always see stutter in your games, since your frame rate is never synced with your refresh rate."


                                  I possess multiple test bench systems all with differing monitors, some possess Freesync capabilities and some not, yet regardless I always operate said systems with either FRTC enabled or a third party frame limiter to ensure that my frame rate and refresh rate are equal to ensure an optimal experience to ensure stuttering prevention or elimination, which anyone encountering stuttering should be doing without guidance. Yet, if said guidance is needed, I'm more than wiling to assist, but without knowing a user to user experience level, per issue I attempt to assist with on these or other forums, continually mentioning this is needed would be redundant and take up much more of my time than I have available. Yet, this would have eventually been recommended to users experiencing issues in Battlefield 1, when I felt it was the correct time to do so.


                                  I attempt to resolve as many user issues as possible across the net when available, thus anything less would be troubleshooting suicide. Yet considering my dedication and success rate both here in the AMD support forums and across other tech sites, I hardly think changing the way I perform my troubleshooting measures should be up to question by anyone.


                                  So I ask you to offer something tangible to the troubleshooting process, by either requesting assistance providing the necessary data or offering assistance to the community, because this is a support forum, we're here to assist, not mislead users with false data claims. Anything less is a waste of everyone's time, including your own.




                                  Take off the tinfoil hat, no need to be rude or accusatory here in the support forums towards the professional technicians offering voluntary support.



                                  Have a nice day

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                                      Can you take a few screenshots of gameplay with "perfoverlay.drawgraph 1" and "Render.DrawScreenInfo 1" in the console or user.cfg file? You can take screenshots with "Screenshot.Render" in the console, which ends up in your game's Documents folder. Preferably take some screenshots in some smoky, heavily populated areas, like near the train tracks in Amiens.


                                      And I wasn't accusing you of lying, but I did believe that you were experiencing placebo, as is common in the PC games community when a user has tweaked their system ad nauseam to work around some bug in a game. And when you reported an FPS range, that made me think you were generally running with the frame rate uncapped, which doesn't look good in motion.

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                                        Dude why are you getting so upset about the topic. Alot of people are having issues with Battlefield 1, every time DICE releases a game its the same thing over and over. i created this thread at the hopes of AMD releasing optimised drivers for Battlefield 1, like how Nvidia's drivers are better for GTAV. The last three driver releases clearly state in the know issues, that it has Battlefield 1 issues, which i find unacceptable for a game of this magnitude.


                                        Also i have lots of experience in troubleshooting PC's, been doing it since the Pentium 1 days. All my drivers are up to date, from chipset to video card. BIOS up to date, no junkware or unnecessary apps installed. The game at this current state is terrible and the drivers are not helping it either. You claim the game is fine but Battlelog, Nvidia and  AMD forums are full of complaints. DX12 Stuttering Issues 8gb and 16gb, Crashing, DX crashing and loads more, All three parties need to address the issues.

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                                            "Dude I don't think he is "getting so upset about the topic".....I think he may be a little bent because some "user" (substituted word) comes to the forum asking for help, receives a reply and calls him a liar.  And then his clone backs him up?

                                            People that have been around the forum for more than a few weeks know savagebeastzero  and the thoroughness of his responses.

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                                                I fuly agree with you King.

                                                I do not have major issues playing BF1 on dual Strix  R9 390. No issues on campagin mide on DX11 (Xfire) and DX12(single gpu as BF1 do not support crossfire onDX12 yet).

                                                On Multi-player mode, no issues crossfiring  on DX11. On DX12, there are slight blue screen flickering ocassionally. 16.11.1 seems to resolve the blue flickering screen.

                                                I am gaming on a 1080p monitor and custom watercooling on both gpus and cpu. It is cumbersome to trouble-shoot gpu or other hardware problems but if there is a need to, I still have to.

                                                I dont know why he is having such major issues? Maybe he has a gpu problem on one of the card? See no reason why he did not isolate  and swap gpu to see if there is a problem if he is on stock air cooling.

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                                              are you experiencing any colour issues, bright yellow light or blue tint screen?

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                                      also i want to add, if you look at benchmarks, you will see nvidia cards suffer from performance regressions in dx12 mode vs dx11 mode. like the 1080 loses 40-50 fps in dx12 mode vs dx11 for example. so even though your friends 960 runs without "stutter" its actually most likely getting worse performance in dx12 vs dx11. only amd cards either run ~~about~~ the same both modes, or slightly better in dx12 vs dx11 in cpu bound areas.


                                      on a side note i too suffered from stutter in dx12 by the result of having much lower minimums but i did have slightly higher highs and a overall higher average with my intel 6850k, 32gb quad channel ddr4 2400, and my strix rx 480. i haven't tried dx12 mode since the new patch landed. been kinda hesitant from seeing users on the amd sub-reddit state the new patch is now preventing their game from even launching when set in dx12 mode lol https://www.reddit.com/r/Amd/comments/5d27jy/bf1_patch_notes_mentions_dx12_optimizations/


                                      also most dx12 complaints outside big performance hits which are found more on the green side are similar on both teams in general. like crashes and errors.

                                      • Re: Please AMD Release better drivers for Battlefield 1

                                        tel Core i7-4770K, CRUCIAL Ballistix Tactical (4x4GB) DDR3 1600 LP, SAPPHIRE NITRO+ Radeon RX 470 8GB, GIGABYTE GA-Z97X-Gaming 3 - Intel Z97, SEASONIC S12II-620W 80PLUS BRONZE RETAIL, Noctua NH-D14, LG Flatron W2343T-PF 23"Piano Black, GIGABYTE Aivia KRYPTON







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                                          Have the same problem with my pro dou really bad texture flickering hope this gets fixed soon.

                                          • Re: Please AMD Release better drivers for Battlefield 1

                                            i can confirm that after installing the latest drivers didnt  have the problem in Amiens