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    HIS IceQ R9 280X Boost Clock way too hot


      edit: thank you for the info. I tried to translate this post as good as I could XD


      Dear community,

      About 1 1/2 years ago I bought my new Computer from one.de with a HIS IceQ R9 280X Turbo Boost Clock in it. At this time it reached about 85 Degrees in full load.

      Scince a couple of weeks the temperature went to about 96 Degrees so I had to clock down a bit. I didnt overclock it. It has 1000MHz standart. So I clocked doen to 950 MHz.

      -Cards standart clock is 1000MHz.

      -case fans are clean and work fine.

      -fan To 100% with the extra HIS tool. If not 100% it wouldn't run game like The Witcher anymore.

      -GC is clean and fans seem to work perfectly with about 3200 rpm.

      -case is super ventilated. Wind flow from the CPU goes out on the top side and GPU blows directly outside. CPU never goes over 50 degrees.

      When The Witcher 3 came out, I played it normally and the card never reached more than 87 degrees. A few days ago, the computer just went off after about 5 minutes of playing. Did then check the temps and found that it went over 100 Degrees even with a downclocked card to 850 MHz. So much less clock, yet more than 100 degrees.

      just tried again and the same problem occured. Only this time I shut down the game at 99 degrees.

      What the heck happend to the card that I cant play any good games anymore? With Ark - Survival Evolved I have the same problem. As the card is in full load it reaches over 100 Degrees and PC shuts downs immediatly

      Any ideas? Hope you can help me.


      Idle: 45-50 degrees

      Firefox (Facebook, Flash Games): ~ 70 degrees

      Full load (Witcher 3, Ark): over 100 degrees


      Mainboard: MSI Z97 G43 gaming

      CPU: I5-4670K

      GPU: HIS IceQ R9 280X Turbo Boost clock at 1000MHz

      RAM: 16 GB Kingston

      If you need more information please ask me

      For those who dont know the card: