My review of the Cybertron PC Celestrium

Blog Post created by cavemanthe0ne on Dec 8, 2016

The Cybertron Celestrium is a full ATX gaming desktop that has an FX 8300, 16gbs of DDR3, a Gigabyte 990FX motherboard, dual MSI GTX 950’s and a 2tb HDD, all in a gaming case that has a very nice side panel. It also has built in AC wifi which is a good thing to have in the event that you don’t have Ethernet cables where you want to put the PC.  It is also bundled with a Logitech keyboard and mouse,

Here are few photos of the rig:


20161123_165542 (1).jpg

As you can see, the cable management is very impressive, and the looks of the case are pretty good as well. It's too bad there is no lighting to light up the internals, as that would make it look just that much better.


Middle Earth: Shadows of Mordor:


Ultra settings got an average of 80 FPS with dips into the 50s, and maxed at 100 FPS. In game performance was similar, averaging around 75-80 FPS depending on the number of enemies on screen.


World of Tanks (SD Client):


110 FPS average on highest settings in a random match.



1440x1050 Ultra:

Average of 55 FPS through the benchmark run. Min of 50 and max of 60. For some reason GTA doesn’t recognize SLI on this rig unless Vsync is also turned on, which actually is not an issue. It did run very smoothly through the benchmark run with no stutters.




3dmark Firestrike:



3dmark Timespy:




The Celestrium also is very quiet when playing games, it is never loud enough to be noticed (even when under heavy load, although the CPU fan can get loud if you are running the CPU at 100% for an extended period of time). The build quality of the computer is very good, and the included Logitech keyboard and mouse are decent. The mouse has a high sensitivity compared to most, but is accurate so it is good at FPS type games if you like high sensitivity mice. I have no way of testing the input lag but it doesn't appear to have any from using it. The keyboard is… also decent. It is not mechanical but is one of the better membrane keyboards that I have tested.


There are a few downsides to the system, the only main one being that there is no SSD to be found. The 2 Tb HDD is OK but at $1100 I would have liked an SSD or perhaps an SSHD could have been a good option as well.

A minor downside to the PC is the PSU is not a name brand one, however that doesn’t really seem to be an issue right now- it would just be nice to see a tried & trusted brand of PSU. The price is also somewhat high considering on the same site, for $1100 you can get a system that is the same CPU but with a GTX 1070.

*addendum: The price of the Celestrium has been reduced to $1000 as of this post, which alleviates this issue to an extent.


In conclusion:

The Celestrium is a very well built machine, with no bloatware coming preinstalled and the Celestrium performs very well in 1080P and some higher resolution. The price of the machine could be better, but the machine does everything you would expect a gaming PC to do. If you wanted to build the exact same system (parts wise) yourself it would actually cost more than this PC does though, so you do get a bit of a discount there and an install of Windows. So I think it's a fair option, and while you may be able to build a better PC specs wise for less this is one impressive pre-built machine.



This is a review of the Cybertron Celestrium that AMD sent me for review. All opinions are my own. The system reviewed is available here:

CybertronPC Desktop - AMD FX-Series - 16GB Memory - NVIDIA GeForce GTX 950 - 2TB Hard Drive Multi TGMCLSTRGTX45BG - Best…

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