Sage releases updated BSP for the 2nd Generation AMD Embedded R-Series APU and free demonstration boot ROM

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sage_logo.pngSage Electronic Engineering, has released an updated SageBIOS™ Board Support Package (BSP) for AMD’s 2nd Generation Embedded R-Series APUs (previously codenamed “Bald Eagle”) as well as a demonstration boot ROM image for evaluation on the Lamar (DB-FP3) development board.


The demonstration boot image is released in an Open Source Package (OSP), including coreboot® and SeaBIOS open source files and a packaged software solution for flashing the SPI memory. SageBIOS BSPs are routinely updated and tested to accommodate changes in the binary images supporting open source development, quality updates, and reintegration of improved open source files and validation with multiple distributions of Windows®, Linux®, DOS and RTOS.


“We believe this SageBIOS BSP is ideal for embedded solutions, as it can be customized to reduce both boot times and the firmware footprint,” said Scott Hoot, president of Sage. Sage is an Embedded Software, Solution and Tool Partner with AMD, offering substantial experience in AGESA open source files and virtualization binaries.


Made for embedded applications, the AMD 2nd Generation R-Series APUs (Accelerated Processing Units) are aimed at bringing 4K quality displays to gaming machines, medical imaging devices, digital signage, industrial control and automation machines, and communications and networking infrastructure systems that are increasingly relying on compute and graphics processing technology.


SageBIOS supports most modern x86 platforms from AMD with a combination of open source (including coreboot®) as well as proprietary firmware solutions. Sage Custom BSPs are ported to customer hardware designs to add feature sets such as code reduction, fast boots and enhanced security.


About Sage:

Sage Electronic Engineering, LLC, of Longmont, Colo. (, provides customized Board Support Packages marrying open source (including coreboot®) solutions with proprietary software, creating streamlined boot solutions that also create flexibility in application. Sage partners with processor manufacturers, including AMD, to provide coreboot solutions for the open source community, as well as developing SageBIOS™ BSPs for customers desiring the flexibility of open source firmware stripped of unnecessary code and backed by rigorously tested, validated and supported solutions.

Contact:; 303-495-5499


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