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So what has actually worked for anyone with the blackscreen / driver crashes / BSOD issue and what's up with the default fan curves?

Question asked by msnimbus on Oct 5, 2020
Latest reply on Oct 20, 2020 by msnimbus

I have been battling for weeks now with random black screens for a few seconds (haven't had  this for a while though), wattman settings restored to default due to system failure, as well as black screens when gaming that I have to hard reset to get out of and this is often followed by Windows getting stuck in a BSOD repair loop - reliability reports say the amd drivers crash (thread stuck in device driver) - basically the same issue that many people are having.


I totally accept the possibility of a hardware failure as this is a second hand machine but, as there are so many people with literally exactly the same issues, I'd like to really be able to rule out software issues before I give up. When it does crash and is stuck in BSOD / repair loop and I just shut it down and leave it till the next day, Windows boots up normally and isn't stuck in the loop anymore, but it does complain about the driver recovery and losing wattman settings (although these never seem to stay anyway) so maybe it is an overheating / hardware problem.

I have tried just about every solution I have found online and in this forum, apart from changing PCIe settings in BIOS and undervolting because I don't really know what I'm doing, I guess I will try it if nothing simpler fixes it. Or maybe I'm just not using the right combination of solutions.


1.) What has worked for you if you've had these issues?


2.) What's up with the automatic settings in Adrenaline? The default fan curve seems super low and the card gets pretty hot pretty quickly (80 deg C in 3mins and rising testing with OCCT) with the fan not going much above 2200rpm. Surely this is wrong? If so then are the other auto-detected/default settings also wrong and is this why people seem to be fixing it by undervolting, etc?


3.) Many people seem to have solved this by not using the AMD Adrenaline Software at all and just using the drivers alone. I want to try this but I still need to adjust the fan curve - what's the best way to do this?  > edit: Tried drivers only, no AMD software, still had exactly the same black screen crash (thread stuck in device driver) at GPU temp of 68 deg C 20mins into a game. Used ASUS GPU Tweak to adjust fan curve. So it's defs not the software for me or the GPU getting too hot. Nothing else with a sensor was getting hot either but can't rule out something else is.



Windows 10 Professional
Intel ® Core(TM) i5-7400 @3GHz
16G RAM (2 x 8G, unmatched but this shouldn't cause huge issues?)
Hard drives: 2 x SSD:
SK hynix SC308 SATA 512G – where everything but 1 game is installed
TOSHIBA MK3265GSX 240G – just ARK Survival Evolved because it's big.
Motherboard: ASUS H110M-R
Power supply: 600W Vortex 80 plus Bronze 
Monitor: 1 x Dell SE2416H connected with HDMI