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AMD RX 570 has crashed daily for around 1 year for me with blue screen errors

Question asked by rcooper39 on Aug 27, 2020
Latest reply on Sep 2, 2020 by pye

Firstly I would like to state that my computing knowledge is limited, so if you're explaining techinical terms to me, just know that I may not completely understand so will need guidance.


GPU - AMD RX 570

VRAM 4096MB GDDR5 1750MHz

Desktop - Lenovo Legion T530-28APR

Operating System - Windows 10 64bit

Driver Version Installed - Radeon Software Version 20.2.2

Display - Acer S240HL, 1920x1080 60hz DisplayPort to DVI

Motherboard + BIOS Version - LENOVO 03MKT25A 14/05/2020


CPU - AMD Ryzen 5 2400G with Radeon Vega Graphics 4 Cores


Power Supply - (I can't find this info anywhere)


Ever since I purchased this PC i've been having daily crashes. For the first week it was the screen display going multicoloured, followed by Critical_Process_Died which has now been replaced by Whea_Uncontrollable_Error. I have read so many forum posts about people with this exact issue and it never seems to be resolved, but I'm writing this out just because I've become bored of trying to fix it myself. I'd like to start by saying that I've updated Windows 10 often, constantly checking for updates, and I've also installed and updated the GPU drivers, to I believe Adrenalin 20.8.2 was the latest, as well as the chipset drivers, but these don't fix the issue. I've also updated the BIOS from the Lenovo website. If the errors above don't occur, then it's because I hear a disconnected device sound (Like when you remove a USB) maybe 2 or 3 times, then both the mouse and keyboard are inactive, the video that I'm watching will continue for several seconds before the buffering icon appears. Then on start up, my audio will be down (No speakers or headphones are plugged in) even though they are plugged in. I'd like to point out that the crashes near enough always happen when I'm watching a YouTube video on the Internet. The only game I play is Football Manager 2020 which runs fine, and I also use Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator and they rarely have problems (I don't use them often enough to know if they've ever crashed). I've always used Google Chrome browser, so when I first purchased the PC I downloaded that and it would always crash as stated above, so I used Internet Explorer and it would not crash (unless I had multiple tabs open in YouTube) so I was fine for months using this browser, but then it updated maybe a couple of months ago to Microsoft Edge, and now I'm getting the constant problems again like I did with Google Chrome. At first I was using an HDMI - HDMI cable, then I switched to a DisplayPort - HDMI and now I'm currently using DisplayPort to DVI, but still the same problem. My tower only has 1 HDMI slot and around 4 DisplayPorts, whereas my monitors both have HDMI, DVI and VGA. I have tried many diagnosis tools, from Lenovo Vantage Diagnosis Tool, to running many tests on the Command Prompt, and every aspect of my PC will pass every test. It tends to crash most often as soon as a video starts, or pretty much a minute in, although this can vary. My PC uses an SSD as the start up drive, and also as an HDD drive, that I use for storage.



HDD - ST1000DM003-1SB102


Sorry for the long story, but thanks in advance.