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ReLive problems

Question asked by gringo1337 on Jul 25, 2020
Latest reply on Aug 5, 2020 by gringo1337

Hello, there is a problem with Radeon Software. More specifically, with the ReLive function.
It consists in what, after starting the PC, many games seem to work at 15-20 fps, but if you turn on any monitoring (for example, built-in from AMD), then it will show that the game / application is running at normal 60 fps.
And the strangest thing is that such a problem also appears in the settings of the system itself (you can see it in the video).
If you remove all programs from autorun, then the problem does not appear. But if you add even a couple of programs (discord, spotify, steam), then the problem will appear.
In addition, I figured out how to fix this problem for a while (more specifically, until the next reboot of the PC), for this you need to go to Radeon sofware, go to the "general" tab and turn off and on the "Record Desktop" slider (video shown).
This problem shows up in all games, not just Gears Tactics!
If you add to the game in Radeon Software, and run it, then the problem will not appear.
I hope for help in solving this problem!


Video: ReLive problems - YouTube 


RX5700 XT Driver:20.7.2
Ryzen 5 2600X
2x8GB RAM 3000 MHz
Power Supply: super flower leadex silver 750w
SSD 480 GB