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Intel Mobile CPU Throttling

Question asked by alkalineknight on Jul 4, 2020
Latest reply on Jul 15, 2020 by alkalineknight

Setup: Dell Latitude 7300 | i7-8665U | 32GB DDR4 | M2.sata 512GB |
iGPU: UHD 620 | eGPU: RX Vega 56 | Asus XG Station Pro | Thunderbolt 3 (15D9) : NVM 44.00


The issue I am having is when and only when I connect my RX Vega 56 via my eGPU enclosure my clock speeds on my CPU reduce to 0.40Ghz. I recently discovered through the use of Intel XTU that somewhere something sets my 'Turbo Boost Power Max' to 3W..... Just to provide context when I boot my laptop without my eGPU connected my system is set to and operates with 22W.


Now I do not know how or even where to start, in discovering how to permanently fix this. I am hoping the AMD support or someone in this forum may know. Although making the changes in Intel XTU fixes the issue. I reoccurs every time I restart my laptop, and randomly it will revert to 3W during the middle of a game.