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Bug in OpenCL compiler?

Question asked by on Jul 3, 2020
Latest reply on Jul 8, 2020 by dipak

I've been working on adding OpenCL support to our code generator (GitHub - genn-team/genn: GeNN is a GPU-enhanced Neuronal Network simulation environment based on code generation for Nvi… ) and the generated code is now working on NVIDIA and Intel devices but, on AMD devices, it is failing rather mysteriously. 


I have reduced the attached on-GPU initialization code to a minimal reproduction case. If the printf in the kernel is commented out, then initializeKernel correctly initializes d_xPost and it is displayed correctly. If not nans are printed.


We have reproduced this issue on an iMac with the following clinfo:

Platform Name Apple
Platform Vendor Apple
Platform Version OpenCL 1.2 (Apr 18 2019 20:03:31)


Device Name AMD Radeon Pro 570 Compute Engine
Device Vendor AMD
Device Vendor ID 0x1021c00
Device Version OpenCL 1.2
Driver Version 1.2 (Jan 23 2020 07:52:24)


And a Windows machine with 3004.8 drivers and a RX 580.


Am I doing something stupid or is this a compiler bug? If so any workarounds would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance for your help