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This may help explain some "My 65w processor is too hot" issues.

Question asked by shinkojiro on Jun 9, 2020
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This read by the stilt explains some boards have been fooling the processor into believing its running at a lower power than it really is. By doing so, the processor will use more power than the default PPT limit of 88w for 65w processors, causing them to run hotter than one would expect from 88w.


The new Beta of HW info shows power deviation % now. You only need to worry about what it reads under a full load. Higher than 100% means your power reporting is being over reported, which will hinder performance, and lower than that means it is being under reported, which would improve performance at the cost of more heat.


Not every board/processor combo is out of the ~100% deviation. I know Mine isnt

Crosshair VIII Formula with 3900x. ~100% Power Deviation under load, which you want to seePower reporting deviation, idle.


It would be a good idea, if you are experiencing a hot 65w processor like 90C during cenebench or similar, to check this out for yourself.